Happy St. Valentines Day

Here is a brief insight into the tradition of Saint Valentine’s Day from Redwood City’s real estate agent since 1976 while serving his community on various redwood ci boards and conmissions Continue reading

Why do you say Happy Birthday to America?

Happy Birthday America, July 4, 1776

Why do you say Happy Birthday to America? First of all, America was born on July 4, 1776. Accomplished once the Declaration of Independence was … Continue reading

Pay zero money to buyers when selling your beautiful home this year

Pay Zero Money When You Do The 10 Top Must Before You Sell Your Home!

Pay zero money when selling your real estate and here’s What To Do Before You Selling … Continue reading

Hidden Secrets For Quick, More Money, Home Sales

Hidden Secrets and Home Sales are not maximized with luck. 

Hidden Secrets for your homes to sale quickly and successfully closing of escrow. Preparing your home to sell today is … Continue reading

Be a prepared homeowner and make more money

Prepare before you sell your home.

Prepared homeowner make more money when they sell their home. Before you talk to a Realtor about how to sell your home, here are … Continue reading

Save time and money when you sell your home fast

You Can Sell Your Home For YOUR Price! How to sell your home in the fastest time with the least amount of effort for the most money.

Redwood City, … Continue reading

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