Pay zero money to buyers when selling your beautiful home this year

Pay Zero Money When You Do The 10 Top Must Before You Sell Your Home!

Pay zero money when selling your real estate and here’s What To Do Before You Selling … Continue reading

Happy April Fool’s Day ~ Today

Today is April Fool's Day Fool Everyone wants to have fun today and play a trice on someone. We have been doing tricks on people since when we were young … Continue reading

For the first time here are successful words when buying a home

Meaning of words heard during a real estate transaction 

Meaning of words heard during a real estate transaction can be confusing and intimidation. However, the following real estate terms though not … Continue reading

Increase credit score will save you money ~ 10 secrets

Why do you need good credit?

In the United States you can increase your credit score. It will save you money. Most citizens when they  want to borrow money from a … Continue reading

If you want a home you'll pay more money for them

My Crystal Ball Readings: Future California Real Estate

If you want a home you’ll pay more money for them. See what my research shows for home in Silicon Valley for … Continue reading

Helpful newsletter to save you time and money. April 2016

April 2016


Dear Friend,

Spring has sprung! If you’re like most people this time of year, you’re feeling cabin fever…anxious to get outdoors and feel the sun on your … Continue reading

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