Thank you for visiting our Privacy Policy page. If you choose to use without giving your contact information you are welcomed to do so. This would mean in the future when you visit you will have to re-enter data you wish to search and none of your previous searches data will be save for you. You may have to duplicate your work. And, that is ok with us if that is what YOU want.

Rest assured no matter what your decision is we will not use your personal information for any purpose other than to make your experience on the Site easier and user friendly. I am not a great big corporation that will sell your personal information for a profit.

We don’t associate ourselves with any third part vendors who will spam you or try to sell you anything. Our third party vendors, who may use cookies, do so only to help you with what is most important to you. My intention is to make you so ecstatic with the experience and service you have that you will want us to be in your corner when it comes time to buy or sell your home.

On the top of our minds, at all times, we subscribe to the California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance. We do so because we value our own privacy. If we feel that way ourselves why wouldn’t we feel the same for you? We would NOT. The only way your privacy is compromised is with your prior permission. And then it is only from our efforts to make your experience accurate and better. will use all due diligence possible to secure our site from outside forces. We have protections in place that will prevent your personal information from getting into the wrong hands. We are a service site so you will never be asked for credit or banking information. If you do contact me immediately and I will help in any way possible,

I guess you know it goes without saying…if you break the law, our TOS, or we are presented with a warrant by a law enforcement agency all bets are off and we will succumb to those who have proper authority and paperwork. Your personal information will be given to them if they so demand it. Be cool and don’t break the law.

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