Are Jumbo Home Loans Expensive?

Sign Here Are Jumbo Home Loans Expensive? Jumbo Home Loans are used for refinancing or purchasing most housing in Silicon Valley today. The reason for Jumbo Loans is because most … Continue reading

10 important tips that will save you dollars and improve your credit

What 10 Factors Will Impact My Credit Score?

Everything you do with any of your finances has an impact on your credit score. Some things have a positive effect and … Continue reading

Pay zero money to buyers when selling your beautiful home this year

Pay Zero Money When You Do The 10 Top Must Before You Sell Your Home!

Pay zero money when selling your real estate and here’s What To Do Before You Selling … Continue reading

Sound Home Financing Information SF Bay Homes

How to buy a home:

Sound home financing information SF Bay Homes starts with the first step in buying a home; getting a pre-approval letter from an established lender of your … Continue reading

Are you being exploited by the Credit Bureaus?

Are you being exploited by the Credit Bureaus?

While looking for a bigger piece of the pie, some mortgage companies are paying premium prices to research and  find out who’s … Continue reading

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