Hidden Secrets For Quick, More Money, Home Sales

Hidden Secrets and Home Sales are not maximized with luck. 

Hidden Secrets For Quick, More Money, Home Sales
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Hidden Secrets for your homes to sale quickly and successfully closing of escrow. Preparing your home to sell today is different from it was just a few years ago. In the past when baby-boomers were the main home buyer it was as easy as putting a sign in the yard and then sitting back and waiting for offers to come in. Baby-boomer home buyers were looking for a home they could make money off of their sweat equity. Today’s home buyer wants to buy a home that s/he can move right in and not have to do any work what-so-ever.

As it has always been when a person buys a home it is a big emotional decision. People spend years of their life planning and visualizing their dream home. When the time comes to view a prospective home every home buyer wants their home to be perfect! Home sellers understand this and In order to make their house stand out from the crowd, they do whatever they can to please a future home buyer

What do home buyers Hidden Secrets in a home?

Hidden Secret #1. The first time a home buyers see their new home is from the outside. This is why the term “curb appeal” is at the front of any market strategy.  When prospective buyers drive up to your home, what does it say to them? It needs to say wow! It must be inviting and speak to the home buyer saying I could live here. Making your yard stand out by pruning the trees, pulling out the weeds and keeping the lawn cut and trimmed is an important consideration a home seller needs to remember. Home sellers can also add colorful plants giving the home a fresh look. Make sure the exterior is in tiptop shape as you only have one chance to make a first impression. Paint, as needed – especially the front door. Chipping paint tells a prospective home buyer the home may not have been cared for over the years and there is extra damage under the surface.

What about inside the home?

Hidden Secret #2. Inside the house make sure to fix any broken window panes, doors and leaky faucets. You should also check and make sure that all the electrical appliances such as the doorbell, fans, lights etc are functioning properly. You must keep in mind that buyers will look at every nooks and crannies of the house, so you should must be diligent with all the finer details. Nothing will turn off a potential buyer more than the feeling that the house has hidden problem or worse yet work for them to do once they move in.

Hidden Secrets For Quick, More Money, Home Sales
Painting does wonders

Finally, look at the inside of your home through the buyer’s eyes. What will they see? Should you repaint the walls? Should you replace the carpeting? Will the buyer feel at home? Are there smells that can be corrected. Something like cleaning the kitty-box daily.

To know more of what will be accustomed to the buyer’s need all you have to do is to think like one. Try to make a list of all the things you would want in a home if you were to buy one. This will give you a good idea of what you need to do in order to make your home the buyers perfect choice.

By addressing the hidden secrets listed prior to placing your home on the market for sale.  You’ll increase your chances of selling your home quickly, for more money, and with the fewest possible obstacles.

What to do next?

There is a simple 3-Step Process for completing the task of selling your home quickly, for the most money, and without complications. The simple 3-step process is as follows:


Hidden Secrets For Quick, More Money, Home Sales
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1.) Take out your cell phone

2.) Look up my number (Hint 650-346-7366)

3.) Call me immediately


When you call I will answer any question you may have about the selling and marketing of your home. I will not push you to do anything. I am here as a resource and will not charge you any money nor are you obligated in any way. Of course, I will use this opportunity to demonstrate to you how you’ll want me and my team in your corner when it does come time for you to decide on the Realtor you want to go to work for you.

Cliff Keith and Team has been helping home sellers since 1976 and we have endorsements and letters of recommendations from many of our past happy clients. You’re welcome to ask for copies of them or you can find it on this site under the About Tab under Testimonials.

Hidden Secrets For Quick, More Money, Home Sales
Home buying & selling secrets
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