What is the best mortgage for you? A 30-Year or a 7-Year Fixed Loan

30 year fixed vs 7 year fixed

Mortgage is needed to purchase a home unless you have ALL-CASH! What is the best mortgage? A Continue reading

Save dollars and find happiness with these 7 easy steps

How To Save Dollars

Save dollars when buying a home is top priority. The acquisition costs of a home is where the homeowner not only increase their final profit, but … Continue reading

See what you’ll be approved and pay for an attractive jumbo loan

San Mateo and Santa Clara counties still need Jumbo Home Loans for most home buyers and refinancing of home loans.

What is the right approval for an attractive jumbo loan … Continue reading

Pay Off The Money

In the United States citizens base their wealth on their ability to pay off their debts. Banks when offering a mortgage to a home buyer … Continue reading

Homeowner Associations Laws Change

Homeowner Associations Laws Change

Homeowner Associations Laws Change effective January 1, 2014 on properties in San Mateo County. Some changes are to the homeowner’s advantage and other changes to … Continue reading

Do NOT Buy A House!

If you have tried to buy a home for over 6 months there is something very important for you to know.  You are wasting your time, money, and energy at … Continue reading

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