Market Update for Redwood City, CA Real Estate: 3.1.2019

As of 3.1.2019 what is the offer on a home to make? This post gives you the results for the Past 7-Days in Redwood City. Additionally, there’s a link (Click here … Continue reading

SF Bay Homes Frank’s Tannery in Redwood City, CA

SF Bay Homes Frank’s Tannery in Redwood City CA

Here’s a brief history about one of Redwood City’s major employer before the internet explosion. Growing up in Redwood … Continue reading

Hidden Secrets For Quick, More Money, Home Sales

Hidden Secrets and Home Sales are not maximized with luck. 

Hidden Secrets for your homes to sale quickly and successfully closing of escrow. Preparing your home to sell today is … Continue reading

Friday's Market Report for Redwood City

Current market report of activity for the past 7 days (Class 1 & 2): March 16, 2014 12 – Newly Listed Homes for Sale (last week) 02 – Price Changes of Previously … Continue reading

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