Our Videos are designed to get you started in either Buying or Selling real estate. We are currently putting together some helpful Videos to give you more insight into what to expect when purchasing a new home in the Bay Area. Current market trends, financing terms, and availability all come into play when searching for a home. If you have questions, and don’t have a lot of time, please give us a call so we can help!

SF Bay Homes, Cliff Keith & Team, and Today Sotheby’s are different parts of our Team, which work together to provide you with the best home information and research data available! We have been transacting Real Estate in the Bay Area for more than 30+ years, and have a proven success rate. We have won many accolades, awards, and mentions, as well as Customer Testimonials that show happy Buyers and Sellers. If you would like help finding your New Home or Selling it, we have the expertise to get it done correctly and quickly!

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