Save time and money when you sell your home fast

You Can Sell Your Home For YOUR Price!

How to sell your home in the fastest time with the least amount of effort for the most money.

Save time and money when you sell your home fast
Shortest Time

Redwood City, CA: Sellers are always looking to not leave any money on the table when they decide to sell their homes. Sometimes Realtor can’t do what the seller wants because the seller has not done what a home buyer wants in order for them to get the highest price, in the shortest time period, and with the fewest hurdles.

Why you ask? It’s because they have not done two major aspects of selling a home before placing their home on the market for sale. They are as follows:

What to Look For On the Outside

Save time and money when you sell your home fast
Roof is water tight
Roof and gutters:
When buyers look at your house from their car, about 30 percent of what they see is your roof. Be certain it’s in good repair.
A well-maintained yard and, a driveway crack free reassure potential buyers that you care about your property. A yard free of brown spots and weeds implies a good sprinkler system and low maintenance.
Paint and siding:
Neutral colors and a clean appearance are important. Consider repainting your house and don’t forget to get rid of unpleasant odors.
Porch or covered patio:
Make sure it’s clean and uncluttered.

Fencing should be in good repair. Fix any broken boards.

What to Look For On the Inside

Save time and money when you sell your home fast
Today’s Kitchen

Regardless of your kitchen size, you can make it feel spacious: Remove appliances and gadgets from your counter tops. Repair broken or cracked counters. Open windows and let sunshine in.

Replace faucets, medicine cabinet, and towel racks if necessary; be certain the bathrooms are clean.
Master Bedroom:

Spaciousness and decor are important. Remove and store nonessential furniture. Start packing you are about to move.
An investment in new carpeting almost always increases the perceived value of a home. Select a neutral color of medium-grade carpeting and padding. Replace cracked and broken tiles and window panes.
Wall covering:
A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Always use neutral or soft, warm colors. Avoid wallpaper.
Personal touches:

Extraordinary personal touches may offend potential buyers.

What should I do now?

Want to know more on making your home ready for the market to sell? Here’s an easy three step process for do so.

Save time and money when you sell your home fast
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When you call me we will discuss what your options are and what is the best avenue for you today. We will collaborate on a plan, which will accomplish what is most important to you about selling your home. It may be we decide NOT to sell your home at this time. Whatever is in your best interest will be what I will recommend to you.

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Save time and money when you sell your home fast
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