Increase credit score will save you money ~ 10 secrets

Why do you need good credit?

In the United States you can increase your credit score. It will save you money. Most citizens when they  want to borrow money from a … Continue reading

Home Buyers, Sellers Don’t Want You to Know This

Real Estate Advice Sellers Don’t Want Home Buyers Knowing

Home buyers, sellers don’t want you to know this good information. This information provides you with insight for both Home Buyers and … Continue reading

Sound Home Financing Information SF Bay Homes

How to buy a home:

Sound home financing information SF Bay Homes starts with the first step in buying a home; getting a pre-approval letter from an established lender of your … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Greetings To You

Valentine’s Day Greetings To You

Valentine’s Day Greetings To You.  Is best when flowers and chocolate are part of this special day.

How did Valentine Day begin?

Valentine’s Day greetings … Continue reading

Why do you have to buy homeowner's insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance, sometimes called fire insurance, is NOT optional in home purchases. The only exception is if your pay all cash for your home. As a condition for your loan … Continue reading

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