Happy April Fool’s Day ~ Today

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Today is April Fool’s Day

Happy April Fool's Day ~ Today

Everyone wants to have fun today and play a trice on someone. We have been doing tricks on people since when we were young children. It was the right of passage all of us took. The child who could be fooled the most was probably the bunt of more trick throughout the day.

Holes deep in the ground, Cracks in the sky…details at 11 

Happy April Fool’s Day ~ Today

The origin of April Fool’s Day is uncertain.  It’s thought the turning of the seasons helps some to honor this celebration while others believe it has to do with our calendar. You see ancient cultures including the Romans and Hindus believed the beginning of the year was at the vernal equinox or somewhere around March 20-21st. In medieval times the date was March 25th.

Whatever the reasons there are several versions. You can read some of them by clicking here and Read more…

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Happy April Fool's Day ~ Today
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