Why do you have to buy homeowner's insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance, sometimes called fire insurance, is NOT optional in home purchases. The only exception is if your pay all cash for your home. As a condition for your loan … Continue reading

Cliff Notes real estate… August 2015

Cliff Notes real estate… August 2015 is an informative e-newsletter that provides more

information than your normal real estate newsletter. You will find when you read Cliff’s Notes on real … Continue reading

How to Increase The Selling Price of A Home

Homeowners who own SF Bay Homes know that almost any time of the year is a good time to sell their homes. Homeowners all agree however, they want to … Continue reading

Pay Off The Money

In the United States citizens base their wealth on their ability to pay off their debts. Banks when offering a mortgage to a home buyer … Continue reading

You Must Be A Millionaire

Living today in Redwood City, CA means you must be a millionaire. There is no way around it. The cost of living index shows if you didn’t win the  Lotto … Continue reading

Bad News Brewing For certain Homeowners

Bad News Brewing For certain Homeowners

Homeowners who received assistance with their HAMP mortgages from the US Government are going to have there mortgage interest rate increased. This will be … Continue reading

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