You Must Be A Millionaire

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Living today in Redwood City, CA means you must be a millionaire. There is no way around it. The cost of living index shows if you didn’t win the  Lotto and you didn’t sign a big contact with the SF 49ers/Giants or Hollywood living in the SF Bay Homes area of California is impossible. It’s a truism…No Money, No Honey in Redwood City!  More details here…

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You Must Be A Millionaire

Posted on: August 2nd, 2014 | By Cliff Keith | |

You Must Be A Millionaire, A food for thought for residents of Redwood City:

Cost of Living Comparison¹:
Folsom, California – Redwood City, California

A salary of $90,000 in Folsom, California should increase to $143,073 in Redwood City, California

Folsom U.S. Avg. vs. Redwood City

Cost of Living Indexes:                   Folsom      Redwood City
Overall ********************** 157.2                249.9
Food ***********************    114.2                118.4
Housing ********************* 261.4               540.7
Utilities *********************  113.0                 94.4
Transportation *************** 112.5              107.9
Health ********************** 102.2               110.6
Miscellaneous ****************102.2              117.7

100=national average: Redwood City is 59% more expensive than Folsom.

Housing is the biggest reason in the cost of living difference between living in Folsom, CA vs. Redwood City, CA.

Housing is 106% more expensive in Redwood City.

With these figures in mind, it is obvious one or your parents and/or grandparents are a Millionaire. It looks like this will be the only way someone will be able to afford  to live in Redwood City. It’s either that or you must inherited your home and there is not any liens on the property. This is known as the “europeanization” of SF Bay Homes and in a great extent…America.

Going to the link below will allow you to compare other Cities too.


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