How to tell your Mother you love her and know why

Mother’s Day Mother’s Day ~ How It Came About

In the United States, on the second Sunday in May Mother’s Day ~ How It Came About is our annual holiday celebrated by recognizing our Continue reading

The more dirt you shovel the deeper you get

types of soils

Types of Soils in and Around SF Bay Homes is worth knowing as it will give you insight into what to expect in your new home. This … Continue reading

Cliff Notes real estate… August 2015

Cliff Notes real estate… August 2015 is an informative e-newsletter that provides more

information than your normal real estate newsletter. You will find when you read Cliff’s Notes on real … Continue reading

How to Increase The Selling Price of A Home

Homeowners who own SF Bay Homes know that almost any time of the year is a good time to sell their homes. Homeowners all agree however, they want to … Continue reading

Buyers lost money in Real Estate

Buyers lost money in Real Estate in San Mateo County because Median Home Sale Price in April 2014 trended up 12.8% Year over Year.

This is why buyers lost money because … Continue reading

Seven Sins as seen by Mahatma Gandhi

We all want to live our lives in a way that reflects us in a positive light. People I believe are good, which is why they long to have an image … Continue reading

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