Excellent know how on saving money when buying a home today

Know How To Buy A Home

Excellent know how on saving money when buying a home today
Your keys await

Excellent know how on saving money when buying a home today in Redwood City. Have you been looking for your first home for over 6 months?  This post will help you have an excellent chance of buying a Redwood City home.

Is there a good reason you have not purchased your home yet?  Is it the quality of the inventory you are seeing out there?  Maybe you haven’t seen your perfect home yet?

Interest rates are still low.

Excellent know how on saving money when buying a home today
time to buy

Interest rates are still low!  The selection of affordable homes is still available compared to tomorrows home selection.  Sellers are giving concessions to buyers on their offers compared to previous years.  This condition is not going to continue!

Looking over 6 months?

After six months of looking to buy a home every week-end, and you still have not purchased a home?  My advice to you is… You should fire your real estate agent.  Then fire your lender.  And finally, fire yourself from the home buying process. Why should you do this? Well, because you really don’t want to be a homeowner you’re a tire kicker. You may have heard it as a “Lookie Lou”.

Any agent can be a great agent in a “A” market where there are many homes for sale and many buyers to buy them. That’s not what today’s market is all about. It’s a “C” market but you need an “A” agent! Someone who can consul you as to what your offer should be and why. An agent who know the market inside and out and who the Realtors are that are doing the business of listing and selling a home.

Excellent know how on saving money when buying a home today
What To Do Before You Selling A Home

Where do I find an “A” agent?

This is an easy answer, they’re everywhere.  I think at one time there was one agent for every 136 people based on 2015 figures. It seems that number may be even greater today but I can’t prove it. If it is true and you go to Pac Bell Park to watch a SF Giant’s game with an attendance of 63,000 then there could be 463 real estate agents in the crowd with you. We are everywhere and would love to speak with you. However, the best way to find a great real estate agent is to ask someone you trust who has recently had a great experience with an agent. The third party validation of a Realtor is usually the best method to achieve great results.

When a good time to buy a home?

The perfect storm for home buying is now. It is not going to continue for long as now is always fleeting. So either stop kidding yourself that you want to buy a home or buy your new home.  It’s that simple. This is not rocket science, buying a home is a process.  A home buyer needs to take step forward in order to make sure their dream of home-ownership becomes realty. That take an “A” agent to guide and stand by the home buyer from start to finish.

Currently there is a shift in the market towards a very strong “seller’s market”. This is because of various factors with the main one being lack of inventory of homes to sell.  Interest rate, though historically low, are creeping back up in factors of  .25% or so on a continuous basis.

Home Sellers are starting to price their homes higher where there is an indication of multiple buyers who want the same homes.  What this means is quality type homes are becoming scarcer and knowledgeable home buyers are quick to react. The time for a wait and see attitude is a thing of the past. The competition is fierce.

If you are looking for your new home in Redwood City I have a couple of homes coming to the market within the next month or so.  I would love to see you own one of them.

Am I in my own way?

You definitely are if you have been looking to buy a home and gone to many open houses during your Sundays. Stop “looking” for a home, you are wasting your time and energy.  Wouldn’t you rather be cooking in your new kitchen and stop spending Sunday out on the streets.? The hounding of real estate agents nightly calls and endless emails and texts will stop too.

Now is the time for action. Playing the wait and see game is not in your best interest. It will cost you nothing but TIME and MONEY.  Stop that grip on your life today.

What should I do next?

Excellent know how on saving money when buying a home today
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Call Cliff Keith at 650-346-7366, now for your private consultation  on how to become a home buyer. I have been helping home-buyers since 1976.  Use that 41+ years of experience to your advantage.  Stop paying rent. Stop waking up late at night because your neighbor’s child is having a bad night and can’t sleep. Paint that front door Red like you want to but your landlord says NO NO NO. Start enjoying the tax advantages only a homeowner gets to benefit from in America. Call today.

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Are you a tire kicker when it comes to buying a home?

Excellent know how on saving money when buying a home today


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