President’s Day ~ What Does It Mean in Redwood City

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President’s Day ~ What Does It Mean in Redwood City

President’s Day ~ What Does It Mean in Redwood City
President’s Day

It’s Spring time again and the first major holiday after the Christmas season is upon us. When I was growing up President’s Day did not exist. We studied both President Washington and Lincoln and what they each did for our country.

Today it seems to be only about the money and time off from work. For most, Presidents’ Day is nothing more than a day away from work with pay. Others scan the local newspapers and internet coupons to cut out discount ads for the many store Sales that are ongoing over the long 3-day weekend.

Have you ever wonder what President’s Day ~ What Does It Mean in Redwood City? Initially, President’s Day was a Federal holiday to honor and celebrate ALL American Presidents, however, modern-day has shifted it to mean George Washington and Abraham Lincoln day.

Prior to President’s Day, celebration of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were separate days from each other and George Washington was the only Federal Employee holiday. Seems right being our First President of the United States of America.

Then the 90th Congress in 1968 created a uniform system of Federal Monday holidays. It became law in 1971 resulting in the third Monday of the month of February would be the new President’s Day aka a Federal Monday holiday.

President’s Day ~ What Does It Mean in Redwood City
President’s Day

Ironically, the 90th Congress make it so the official Federal holiday for the Father of our County, would never have his birthday celebrated on his real birthday.

With the 90th Congress formula for the new Federal holiday could not be any later than the 21st of February. Likewise the legal public holiday by statue is still to this day called Washington’s Birthday and was not changed by the 90th Congress.

It was States like California, Idaho, Tennessee and Texas who decided to NOT keep the Federal’s Washington Birthday name and change it to President’s Day and it stuck with the public.

Today, President’s Day is well accepted and celebrated by most Americans. Some towns still see both Washington and Lincoln’s birthday on their respective birth dates and some even do re-enactments and pageants in the honor of these two Presidents.

The National Park Service also have a number of historic sites and memorials to honor Washington and Lincoln along with other important leaders of American history. Now you know how President’s Day ~ What Does It Mean in Redwood City came to be celebrated.

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