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Types of Soils in and Around SF Bay Homes
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types of soils

Types of Soils in and Around SF Bay Homes is worth knowing as it will give you insight into what to expect in your new home. This information applies not only to the home gardener but the homeowner in times of emergencies like an earth-quake.

What are the different Types of Soils in and Around SF Bay Homes?  There are mainly 4 types; sandy, rock, silt, and clay. Each act differently from each other. Each make great gardens for certain vegetation for each type.

If you are a vegetable gardener you may find the clay soil more to your liking even-though you may need to mix it with a lighter soil.

Are you worried about earthquakes? then rock soil would be more to your

Types of Soils in and Around SF Bay Homes
Redwood Shores Home

liking. But what if you don’t care about either characteristics? Don’t worry there are two other types of soil in the SF Bay Homes area for you to choose from in your new home.

Most agents will not tell you the different types of soils because they fear they may lose a sale. So they let it slide and only after you close escrow do you discover you may not have the soil you would prefer. Don’t get me wrong, all types of soils mixed with other ingredients work well meeting the needs of many homeowners. After all Golden Gate Park were sand dunes before they made it a lush green park full of all sorts of vegetation.

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Types of Soils in and Around SF Bay Homes
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