Shortest Time To Sell Your Home In The SF Bay Area

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Shortest Time To Sell Your Home In The SF Bay Area

Shortest Time To Sell Your Home In The SF Bay Area

Homeowners lately who have housing in Redwood City CA, are asking me…Cliff what is the Shortest Time in SF Bay Area to Sell Property? The answer has many possibilities. In selling homes there are always two major terms, which determines the time it takes to sell a home. Those are Price and Terms.

Price and Terms are found in both the Listing Agreement and the Purchase Agreement. Both impact how much money one gets for their home, and the amount of time their homes sell. Make sure you fully understand both aspect of your agreement before you sign anything.


In today’s real estate market in Redwood City CA home sales are brisk and usually sell for asking price or more. The current standard of practice by real estate brokers is to list the home and prepare it for the open market. During that period various inspections and report are performed. Additionally, trades people can fix any issues with the home found during the inspections. One repairs are completed ,staging the home is ordered. Staging will show the home in its finest light and will bring the homeowner more money.

At the same time marketing starts in the form of hiring a photographer crew to take pictures of the home. Seaming together photos taken for a virtual tour and writing content for a color flyer to give to all prospective buyers is a marketing technique used that works.

All of these aspect of marketing a home usually take 30 days. The current state of repairs  of the home may need extensive repair work and then that time frame could be longer. Every community shows a different number of days for a home to sell. Housing in Redwood City CA has an average days on market  before a home sales is between 10-20 days. This is historically low for nation-wide real estate markets, but not for property for sale in Redwood City CA.

Escrow period: (When the money changes hands)

Once the home sells there is an escrow period. Currently, the shortest I have seen for an escrow is 7 days with the average being 21 days. Appraisers, title officers, loan officers and wiring of funds take time and need time to complete their various tasks. The 7 day close usually happens because the buyer is an all cash buyer, meaning there is no loan just a bank transfer of funds. The Shortest Time in SF Bay Area to Sell Property then for a normal transaction is 61 days. This is from the signing of the listing agreement to the close of escrow.

Shortest Time To Sell Your Home In The SF Bay Area

Can I sell home faster than 21 days?

On the other hand if you are a seller who wants out of his home today under any conditions that time period shortens to 21 days or sooner. You will not receive the highest price for your home, nor the most favorable terms, but you will have a fast close of escrow.

The two scenario of a normal sale vs quick close of escrow are what a SF Bay Homeowner can expect when selling their home. In both cases choosing the correct Realtor that you want in your corner is utmost importance. Cliff Keith and Team has been helping homeowner in the SF Bay Area for the past 42+ years. Call or text, (650) 346-7366, us today to find out how we can help you too.

No need to worry.

Cliff Keith and Team dba SF Bay Homes are not a HARD SALE team. We want to educate our clients so their decisions for selling a home is based on knowledge and not emotion. You our business model is based on referrals from our past clients so we have to do a great job for our clients in order to stay in business. Do it now. Call Cliff Keith and Team and let’s see how we can help you. You’ll be glad you did. (650) 346-7366 or 

Shortest Time in SF Bay Area to Sell Property is a choice a property seller can make by using the information provided above

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Shortest Time To Sell Your Home In The SF Bay Area


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