Before You Sell Your Home Here Are 10-Top Secrets

Before You Sell Your Home Here Are 10-Top Secrets

Before You Sell Your Home Here Are 10-Top Secrets
Put your gloves on

Prepare before you sell your home.

Before you selling a home here are 10-Top Musts to insure more money, faster sale, and less headaches. You will want to make simple inexpensive improvements that will not only increase your ability to get a top price but make it sell quickly too. Your intentions are to make your home inviting to prospective home buyers so they can see themselves living in your home.

Listed here are 10-top inexpensive ways to fix-up and make your home “pop: to prospective buyers. These are the same Realtor secrets used before putting your home on the market for sale.  These 10-top inexpensive improvements to your home will pay you back 10 times over once an offer is accepted by you.

The 10-top inexpensive things to do:

  1. Paint the front of your house, especially your front door. 
  2. Trim the existing plants around your house, then plant bright eye-catching flowers.
  3. Select an interior paint, which is neutral colors.
  4. Your floors are important so, replace, repair, and make them shine.
  5. Go ahead and use property inspection reports to make the recommended major repairs like the roof or get rid of the recommended pest report’s section-1 items.
  6. Buy a Home Protection Plan (HPP) for your home and all major systems that will be in effect during the listing period.
  7. Make energy-efficient improvements where possible. As a side note you may be entitled to a tax credit.
  8. Replace light fixtures and install low energy bulbs
  9. Buy a new stove for the kitchen (make the buyer happy)
  10. Replace in the bathrooms: fixtures, shower heads, toilet seat.

What To Do Before You Selling A Home

It should go without saying the home shows the best if it has a thorough cleaning. Be sure to get rid of any dust, dirt, cobwebs, mold and smells that are pungent such as cooking odors, pet smells, or mildew.  Hire a maid service is one of the best use of your money. They will come in and do a “white tornado” in only a few hours. Buyers want to see the house as how it may look when they move in. This will save you time and money.

There is nothing like a bright, fresh open air feeling to bring buyers calling with an offer. Only warning is to do these before you allow any prospective buyers in your lovely home. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make sure buyer’s first impression counts by making a positive one!

Now you’re in the driver’s seat

Once you have completed these 10-top inexpensive secrets to your home, you will be in the driver’s seat. These 10- top secrets will generate a higher sales price for your lovely home in the shortest period of time. More importantly, you will not have to experience the common painful hiccups many home sellers face when selling a home.

By taking a little time and money you’ll return a far greater yield. Usually, there will be fewer seller concessions on “terms” of the sale too. Selling a home is a process. It is not an event like the Super Bowl. That is why a homeowner is better off by following a step by step plan to make sure their home shines for prospective buyers who walks through the front door.

What to do now?

Before You Sell Your Home Here Are 10-Top Secrets
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