Does Buying A House Make Sense?

Does Buying A House Make Sense?

Rent a home?
Does Buying A House Make Sense? Today’s market may not be right for you

Redwood City, CA Does Buying A House Make Sense? If you ask the current home buyers out in the market place that question they are not really sure of the answer. Their cohorts think maybe it’s better to let the landlord handle all the problems that may come up as a homeowner. Rents are cheaper than a mortgage payment and you don’t have any responsibility to care or keep up where you live as a renter. And there are some merits to that thinking.

Today rents are on the rise nationwide. San Mateo County saw 9.9% increase of rents in 2012 and expect another increase of around 7% in 2013. This could have an impact on renters thinking as now rents are starting to catch up to a mortgage payment after the tax benefit of home-ownership. All indicators point to rents not coming back down so this trend up for rents may have an impact on future home buyers.

Forgetting the finances for a minute. Think about why you even begin to consider purchasing a home in the first place? Do you remember why? In a Fannie Mae National Housing Survey the results show that four of the biggest reasons people buy a home have nothing at all to do with the all mighty dollar. Sure making a profit would be nice and is desirable. What the survey discovered is Home buyers want:

1. A place to raise and educate their children
2. A place where their family will feel safe
3. To have plenty of living space for everyone
4. To have control over the space where they live

With the above information you will be able to answer this question with ease. What else will you and your family gain by buying and owning your home?

The answers you give to the above question are the reasons you decided to purchase your home in the first place. By knowing this you will be able to claim your piece of the American Dream, your new home. The bottom line is that the cost of acquiring a home will probably remain relatively unchanged even if prices decline. The traditional cost of housing in San Mateo County has increased since the 1960’s.

With all that San Mateo County has to offer the people who live there including the Jobs, Arts, Professional Sport Teams, and great weather. You are also within five hours from the desert, mountain to ski, ocean, Yosemite, the Giant Redwoods, and commercial and sport fishing.

Don’t allow money to be the “only” factor in making the decision that’s right for you and your family. Buy your home NOW the timing could not be better.

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