What Does The Perfect Home Look Like?

What Does The Perfect Home Look Like?

When buying a home a home buyers should get clarity on exactly What Does The Perfect Home Look Like to them. You can not hit the target if you don’t have one to shoot the arrow towards. Knowing what you want in your new home will give you a 90% chance of finding it faster. Below I have give you some questions to ask yourself to help you out. This is not “rocket science” so lighten up and just use these questions as a guide not an absolute.

Before you begin your home search, you must first decide what type of house they are looking to buy. Coming up with a list of criteria and what is most important to them will eliminate a lot of wasted time looking at houses that do not fit their requirements. It will also help keep them objective when evaluating potential purchases, preventing them from being swayed by superfluous factors. Use the following checklist to help them reflect on their needs and wants before beginning their search when considering a home to purchase. Once you do you will know… What Does The Perfect Home Look Like?

Towns and Neighborhood

What town or neighborhood is ideal for you? Is it child-friendly? In a good school district? Access to parks? Is it well maintained? Do the residents seem friendly? What are the home’s immediate neighbors like? Are there any special laws or architectural controls that govern changes to a house, such as paint color, landscaping and fences? What is important to you? If any of the above are in conflict with your wishes move on to another home.


City Hall Building Department
What Does The Perfect Home Look Like?

Is the home’s site convenient to schools, shopping, work, entertainment/recreational activities, medical care, or your job? Do you need to be close to freeways, public transportation, airports? Consider test driving the area to gauge the traffic impact at different times of the day is always a good thing to do before you buy. Are there any major residential or commercial developments planned for the area that would affect their future satisfaction with your new home? A quick trip to City Hall or Town Hall is always worth the couple of hours invested.

Style and Features

Do they prefer a two-story house, split-level, ranchtown-home? More traditional or modern styling? What size of lot do they want? Do they prefer mature trees? Do they need a basement? What size garage do you need? Do they want to just move in and do nothing with low maintenance yards and home layout?


Has the home been well maintained? What is the current condition of the roof, wiring, plumbing, HVAC system? If you’re looking for a fixer-upper, is the necessary work within your budget and ability? What about buying a duplex living in one and renting out the other as a way to get a bigger bang for their buck?


What square footage will fulfill their needs? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do they need? Do the room types and arrangement suit their lifestyle? Does their furniture fit is always a big concern and not forgotten.


What amenities are important to you: fireplace, appliances, Jacuzzi tub, fixtures? Keep in mind that some elements are easily changed, such as wall finishes, carpet, window treatments, light fixtures, appliances, and shouldn’t dissuade them from a making a purchase. Are there any features that may be a burden, such as a pool or high maintenance landscaping? I have seen home buyers walk away from a home they loved because it had a pool and they had young children and didn’t want the extra burden of a pool.


Do you prefer an all-electric house, gas or oil heat? What utility companies serve the property? Are the rates competitive? Is the water from a public source or a well? What is the well’s condition? Is there a septic tank? What is its condition? What type of Internet service is available. Do they have cable TV?

If you ask yourself these question before you go looking at homes you will save yourself lots of time and money because of the insight you have gain from doing some pre-planning when buy your home.

You can use the quick search box over on the right to look for home on the MLS for sale. Fill in the boxes with your criteria and click search and you will see a list of homes and maps as to where they are in the city you are searching. It’s Free and there is no obligation.

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