What you need to know when buying a home

What you need to know when buying a home

This year stands to be a very good year buying a home.  It’s going to take a self directed effort and commitment on the part of all home buyers and their Realtors. By working as a team home ownership can be a reality for those who want it.

Why Must I Buy Or Pay?
Don’t make an offer if you don’t want it.

The number one challenge facing home buyers and Realtor I believe is getting back into the market the buyers who seemed to have abandoned.  Why are there so few buyers?  There are a ton of reasons.  It can be boiled down to one main underlining theme though…FEAR.

FEAR, as my friend Joe Stumpf would say, is False Expectations Appearing Real. This mean the cause of buyer’s fears are unfounded and false.  It is going to be the job of the Realtor and/or Lender to show to buyers how beneficial home ownership is to them.

A list I have put together may be of help to those Realtors who want to be pro-active in bring business to their table by helping future homeowners see why they should purchase the biggest investment they more than likely will ever make.

Here’s my list.  Can you add to it?

  1. Shelter.  First and foremost a home is a basic human need…shelter
  2. Tax Shelter. There are tax saving due to homeowner interest tax write-offs. That number should be discussed with each offer you give on any home you are thinking about buying.
  3. Stability. In my market place rents went up over 12% in 2011.  2012 rents are expected to rise another 10%. Future rents are not expected to go down either. When a 30 year fixed mortgage home buyers are assured a fixed cost for the next 30 years!
  4. Self Worth. When I ask a client what is most important about buying a home it usually gets down to self-worth or being loved and appreciated.  And isn’t that what we all want?  To be loved and appreciated?

That is my list of topics I will have this year with my buyer clients to help them gain clarity on what is in there best interest.  Not only for them but their family too.

I urge everyone  who is thinking of purchasing a home to allow yourself to rid themselves of the silent killer of peace of mind…FEAR.  At your next IRS Tax filing you will be glad you did.

Now start the process of finding your new home by clicking on the orange button to the right. This will allow you to search for homes in communities you want to live in with the feature you want in your new home. I am available for your private consultation if you want to contact me via any of the methods provided below in my signature. I am an easy guy to get a hold of but know I will always tell you the truth. It may not be what you want to hear but it will be the truth.

As always there isn’t any obligation or costs involved with talking with me or my team. We are here to help you and will NEVER “hard sell” you on anything. If you’re happy we’ll be happy.

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