Hilton and Titus Blacksmith Shop-Redwood City Circa 1859

Hilton and Titus Blacksmith Shop-Redwood City Circa 1859.

Hilton and Titus Blacksmith Shop- Redwood City Circa 1859 has been demolished and now there are shops on street level and living quarters on upper levels, at 822-826 Main Street. Today the major blacksmith shop in Redwood City has a stucco covers of the previous two wooden structures at 822-286 Main Street in Redwood City.  822 Main Street probably was built in the 1920’s and really doesn’t have any historical significance.

Hilton and Titus Blacksmith Shop-Redwood City Circa 1859 has been change at least 3 separate times from when the first brick was laid in 1859.  From the mid 1880’s this brick building has been used as a blacksmith wheel making shop.  Entry was gained through a simple arched carriage entrance from the Main Street level.  One of Redwood City’s earliest blacksmith-wagon-making was know as Hilton and Titus Blacksmith Shop.

Redwood City History
Hilton and Titus Blacksmith Shop-Redwood City Circa 1859 at 822-826 Main Street circa 2011


In the 1880’s The Masonic Lodge purchased the building and added a second story. The Masons moved out of the building around 1921 into the Old Alhambra Theater building across the street.


Both buildings were demolished during several redevelopment projects in Redwood City in late 1990’s which brought a new City Hall to Downtown Redwood City. Progress has taken the Hilton and Titus Blacksmith Shop-Redwood City Circa 1859 but has given a world-class City Hall in its’ place.



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