Smart – Successful Home Buyers – 5 Rules


Smart – Successful Home Buyers – 5 Rules

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Smart – Successful Home Buyers – 5 Rules


1. Smart – Successful Home Buyers – 5 Rules  Treat your home buying experience as a “process” and not like an “event”:  The first step of the smart – successful home buyers – 5 rules process is to understand the short and long-term financial implications of buying a home. What will home-ownership cost you and how much will it save you? Have your mortgage advisor explains how various mortgage strategy impacts your other important financial goals such as retirement and college funding goals.  If everything makes sense to you financially, ask for a Pre-Approval Letter stating what size loan you qualify for by your lender.

2. Smart – Successful Home Buyers – 5 Rules Knowing that homes in California have appreciated an average of 8% per year over the last 40 years.  If you plan on holding on to your home for three years or more, history shows that the value of your home will be worth more than you pay for it. Shorter timeframe of ownership may result in less appreciation or possible loss of value.

3. Smart – Successful Home Buyers – 5 Rules Align themselves with a Real Estate Consultant who represents their best interests – not the agent’s.  A Real Estate Consultant who understands that what is important to you is ultimately what is important to them.  Make sure that they take the time to ask you what’s important to you before they offer you any advice. If you are talking with an agent who tells you what and how to do things without knowing what you need is a sure sign to walk away as fast as you can.

4. Smart – Successful Home Buyers – 5 Rules Save time by sharing your home requirements with their Real Estate Consultant.  Their Real Estate Consultant can show and personally preview homes to make sure that the homes they see meet their needs. To do so properly and more efficiently they need to know what it is you want. By doing so it saves you time and money.

5. Smart – Successful Home Buyers – 5 Rules Know and understand your personal real estate market.  Your Real Estate Consultant can help you find the homes you may be interested in only if s/he know your own personal criteria in a home. There’s many ways for your Real Estate Consultant to gain this self-awareness, the most efficient is knowing the information you have gathered off the Internet, which has piques’ your interests and you would like to discuss further. Visit various real estate site, blogs, and home searches to help you get started.

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