Sweet Deals on Honey In Redwood City

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Sweet Deals on Honey In Redwood City

The other day when I was out driving about looking at homes I saw a sign along the roadway that said: “Local Honey For Sale”. Being a lover of honey I followed the signs and ended up in front of the home at 125 Doherty Way in Redwood City.

The Beekeeper, Richard Baxter, was out front cleaning his beehives. There was a table along the driveway with bottles of honey and bars of soap on it. I got out of my car and walked up to the table and met a friendly guy named, Richard Baxter. He proceeded to give me samples, on a wooden stick, of his 3 kinds of honey that he was selling that day. He told me of the many benefits of eating local honey and how local honey was great at controlling allergies if you had them.

The honey was marvelous! And the soap made from the bee’s wax smelled so “Pretty”. The honey was selling for about $7.00 per pound and Richard was giving away free samples of the soaps.

Link to map to 125 Doherty Way in Redwood City, CA 94061:

Sweet Deals on Honey In Redwood City

If you are looking for some very flavorful honey. Not like the kind in your local food store and you are in the Redwood CityAtherton neighborhood it would serve you right to stop and pick up a pound or two of this unique honey.

If you can’t stop by the house and try before you buy you can go online and buy some there. The URL is www.goldenharvestbees.com You will be glad you did.

You may want to sell a home after eating all that great honey. You may want to move somewhere where you can raise bees too and harvest the golden nectar yourself. To search for a home to do that can be done over on the right under the Quick Search box. Fill in the boxes with what you want and any homes that match your criteria will pop-up with a map too.

If you don’t get a home to come up refine your criteria until you home comes up. It you get tired trying to find your home then sign up for your own Personal Organizer and an email comes to you immediately when that special home does come on the market for sale.

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