How to See New Inventory of Homes?

How to See New Inventory of Homes? 

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How to See New Inventory of Homes? Sie Matic German Kitchen Emerald Hills Home Built In 2012

Q: I’ve been looking for a home for a long time. In my price range, it seems like there is becoming less good homes for sale. When I started looking, there were more houses, although they were always a big challenge to buy because so many other buyers were trying to buy them at the same time I was buying. Now, it seems like the same ol’  houses that no one wants before are pretty much all that is left, and when a good house comes up, it sells quickly. I’m getting frustrated and angry, and I am beginning to think I should give up my American Dream of owning a home. Is this all in my head or what?

A: No you are thinking right. Today’s house selections is slim pickings. I’m no Einstein  so I can’t say I know empirically why inventories seem to be stagnant and undesirable, but they are! This is one of those delicate values we see that you can’t see by looking only at the data — the number of homes on the market are up, but the reality is that much of what is out there seems to be the same homes that have been on the market for a long period. And the ones that are new inventory are homes that have gone through some sort of financial troubles or bank ownership. Usually that means the homes lost most of its loving care from when times were better.

Other indicators like days on market (DOM) and number of homes on the market don’t really give you a true picture of the real estate market either. The homes that don’t “pop” when you walk into them stay on the market a long time, but the ones everyone loves sale right away, when they come on the market. Because of these extremities you get a results that’s tainted from the original market analysis.

Change Your Thinking

It’s time for you to recall why you decided to buy a home in the first place. What was the dream of home ownership you had for your life when you start the process of buying a home? Was it for extra bedroom for your children? The chance to entertain the way you want to entertain? Were you motivated to buy a home in a buyers market so you could take advantage of it and not be a person placed at the sellers whims like a couple of years ago? When you do get angry or think you should give up, go back to your original motivations. Remember why you started this home buying process in the first place!

If your original reasons inspired you, they’ll once again guide you through your times of thinking about giving up. If your reasons aren’t inspirational, then you might be better off deciding to wait and maybe revisit buying a home at a later date: If you aren’t motivated or have a strong sense of urgency more than likely you probably won’t ever find the home of your dreams. Today’s market requires that commitment from a serious home buyer. Buying a home is hard work now-a-days.

If you do decide to get out of the home buying process and wait, be aware of the consequences by giving up. There’s all sorts of “Gurus” discussing where prices and foreclosure trends are going in the near future, however, there’s agreement with almost all of them that interest rates are going up, along with lending guidelines getting even tougher. So buyers have to “qualify” for a loan before a bank will fund a mortgage…imagine that!

If you decide to move forward, it’s important to get clarity on what your wants and needs really are, and be more committed to compromising on things that aren’t your strong must-haves or deal-breakers. Focus on what is truly important to you and be open to possible different scenarios that may work for you in the long run even though it’s not what you want now. For example you may only want a “move-in” condition home but you haven’t found it yet. Maybe buying a fixer-upper at a discount might work for you if you plan to use your tax-credit funds to do the fixing like new painting, new carpeting and other cosmetic finishes that can show off your future diamond in the rough that is now your new home.

A good number of my clients feel the same as you may be feeling and they too seem to just be treading water. They grow more worried and impatient when they can’t find any home that they want, when a house does come on the market for sale they still hesitate before making an offer even if it would fit their criteria for their home. If that’s you, here’s some advice: Quit hesitating!

When you see a place that would work for you, make an offer — just do it! Do it decisively and quickly. Don’t worry about the small stuff like pinching pennies or agonized over spending money for something you want — be forthright and aggressive in your timing and your pricing, and you’ll have a better chance of success. nickel and dime a seller and they will nickel and dime you back. Make an acceptable and fair offer that will make the sellers and you have a warm fuzzy feeling in your tummies and everyone wins. If you do that you can be firm with your offer because you have given an honest and fair offer. By being fair and forthright you will get your new home. Now all your worries, anger and frustrations will gone.

What You Must Know

If you’re wanting to be fair without overpaying for a home, make sure that you and your agent study the MLS statistics in an intelligent way. When you look at the comparable  look at homes that are very similar to the home you want to place an offer on — not just in an area or bedrooms and baths count, but look at the exterior curb appeal, the various upgrades and your level of appeal. When you analyse these homes, check the list-price-to-sale-price ratio: How much did the homes finally sell for compared to what was the listing price?

This can help you understand with clarity that particular neighborhood — this in turn helps create a comfort level about what to offer whether ii is more than asking or indicates limits so you don’t offer too much — when it comes to getting aggressive and being fair when making your offer on your new home, when one comes on the market.

Action Plan

1. Revisit your motivations and reasons for buying a new home in the first place. Commit to the home buying process or decide to stop looking for a home, with a full understanding of what you are giving up.

2. Be fair and decisive and move quickly to make a strong offer, when you find a home which would meet your needs and criteria for your new home.

3. Be ready to compromise or use a strategy that will still carry out your original goal of owning a home, and plan to put your tax-credit money to use by fixing your new home so it is the American Dream you have always had since a child.

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