Is There A Reason Why You Are Still Homeless?

Is There A Reason Why You Are Still Homeless?
Is There A Reason Why You Are Still Homeless?


Is There A Reason Why You Are Still Homeless? It has been 6 months since you started looking for your new home? You seem to be saying to yourself all these homes do not fit my needs or lifestyle. But there must have been a home you liked that you didn’t buy.

Why have you not purchased your home yet? Are you a Lookie Lou?

Interest rates are at an all time low!
The number of affordable homes to choose from is low!
The “buyer’s market” where sellers, give many concessions to buyers, of the past few year is non-existing from days gone by.

If you have been looking for six months, or longer, for your home and you haven’t purchased a home you should fire your real estate agent, fire your lender and fire yourself from the home buying process. You really don’t want to have the American Dream of home-ownership. The perfect storm for home buying is now.

Either stop kidding yourself that you want to buy a home or call me today and together let’s find that special home you have sought. You can call be right now by clicking the “Call Me” button on the left.

I am seeing a shift in the market towards a “seller’s market“. Interest rate have gone up .25% in the past week…that’s a lot however, still very much affordable! The government has started a program to infuse money into banks to help buyers buy their home. Sellers are starting to price their homes where multiple buyers want the same certain homes again. This points to something is a brewing out in the real estate world like multiple offers on the same home buy several buyers.

If you are looking in Redwood City I have a couple of new homes coming on the market within the next 30 days or so. Contact me and I may be able to get you into them before they hit the open market. Here is a link to a home in San Mateo under $650,000.

Stop being a Lookie Lou, you are wasting your time and efforts on something that will only bring you disappointment and despair.

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