Are you kidding me? No way will I pay that much money

Are you kidding me has the worm turned?

Are you kidding me is what home buyers are screaming these days. Buyers are right when they say are you kidding me … Continue reading

Save dollars and find happiness with these 7 easy steps

How To Save Dollars

Save dollars when buying a home is top priority. The acquisition costs of a home is where the homeowner not only increase their final profit, but … Continue reading

How to Increase The Selling Price of A Home

Homeowners who own SF Bay Homes know that almost any time of the year is a good time to sell their homes. Homeowners all agree however, they want to … Continue reading

Shortest Time in SF Bay Area to Sell Property

Shortest Time in SF Bay Area to Sell Property

Homeowners lately who have housing in Redwood City CA, are asking me…Cliff what is the Shortest Time in SF Bay … Continue reading

Are You Currently In Probate Overwhelm?


SF Bay Homes helps Administrators’ and Executors with their Probates. During the probate process many mistakes can be made. There is an easy way to avoid these mistakes. One … Continue reading

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