Historical Union Cemetery in Redwood City, CA c.1859

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Union Cemetery in Redwood City, CA 

Historical Union Cemetery in Redwood City, CA c.1859
The windmill inside of Union Cemetery



Historical Union Cemetery in Redwood City, CA  c.1859. If you would like to read more about Union Cemetery click this link.

Redwood City, CA: Every Memorial Day the Archives Committee of the Redwood City Library celebrate the memories of past Redwood City pioneers and soldiers by having a ceremony at Union Cemetery in Redwood City, CA located on Woodside Road at the El Camino Real exchange.


Who Is The Archives Committee and the Union Cemetery Committee?

The Archives Committee and the Union Cemetery Committee have worked for many years cleaning, repairing graves, burial crypts, fencing, and rebuilding of the windmill. They also worked with the Historical Resources Advisory Committee to gain help for landscaping, lighting, and patrolled security.

During the 1970’s Union Cemetery became in a state of disrepair. Vandalism of the cemetery was running rampant. Homeless people were make Union Cemetery their home. During the Halloween holiday various people would enter into the cemetery and perform some sort of witch-craft rituals like grave etchings.There was also damages to the gravesides as well as the grounds themselves ravaged.

What damage was done?

Historical Union Cemetery in Redwood City, CA c.1859
Union Soldier statue

Stopping the ongoing damage became top priority for many concerned Redwood City citizens. They took it upon themselves to reclaim Union Cemetery.  They started by removing the bronze Union Soldier Statue and having it restored. One of the arms of the statue got torn off and was loose on the foundation. These concerned citizens repaired grave sites including wooden crosses and head stones as well as graves with metal parts. Additionally they found an opened concrete burial crypts and the citizens re-sealed the burial crypts and secured it to help prevent the same thing from happening again.

Everyone helped

The Archives Committee and the Union Cemetery Committee brought in an Arborist to grade and inspect all the trees including the Victorian rose bushes that one can see climbing the fence along Woodside Road. With their ongoing commitment to the preservation of Union Cementer everyone saw what a great job and sense of pride it brought to the community. The City of Redwood City was instrumental with their ongoing resources, support and encouragement from staff to our City Officials.

Where can I read more about Union Cemetery?

If you would like to know more about Union Cemetery, you can go to the Main Downtown Library at 1044 Middlefield Road. Go to the second floor and look for the Archives Section. They have limited hours so call ahead to make sure someone will be there to help you.

You can look around this blog for other information on other historical aspects of Redwood City and Union Cemetery.

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Historical Union Cemetery in Redwood City, CA c.1859
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Historical Union Cemetery in Redwood City, CA c.1859
Union Cemetery
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