Work With An A Real Estate Agent in a C Market

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Work With An A Real Estate Agent in a C Market
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Work With An A Real Estate Agent in a C Market

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I was talking with a fellow broker associate, Fred, today and I told him how it is easy it was to be an  A Realtor in an easy A Market because an A Market requires very little skill, no mental discipline or daily rituals. Without these skills an agent is just hoping for something to happen so your home sells. This is why I am recommending you to Work With An A Realtor in a C Market!

The true test of an A Realtor isn’t easy to know, but if they can be an A Realtor in a down or C Market they are an A Realtor. Knowing trends and current local real estate market goes a long way to insure your home is sold in the shortest time possible and for the most money.

The market place is now revealing how important a  great skill level, strong mental discipline and committed habits in a real estate agent. In the past, some real estate agents who had little skill, no discipline and poor habits had high confidence because they were selling everything they listed in spite of themselves. When there is a seller’s market anyone can sell a home. However, when the market softens an agent need knowledge and a good reputation with other agents.


Work With An A Real Estate Agent in a C Market
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When the real estate market trends down, the confidence of a C agent goes first because they have little to no skill to adjust to this new market environment.   C agents tend to have a lack of mental toughness demonstrated by not having a daily ritual of disciplines. It’s not their fault they just don’t know what to do. They are like a fish out of water.

This is not to bad rap any real estate agent, rather it is to suggest you verify all qualifications of an agent before you hire them. They will be representing you with your biggest investment. For example, my 43+ years of experience may be an indicator of skill, mental discipline and a daily discipline. Which explains why I’ll always have your best interest at heart. If your best interest is of a concern to you, know that I will give you the knowledgeable guidance with your real estate needs. You can count on me…I will not abandon you.

All you need to do is call/text me 650-346-7366, or email me at I will help you. As the old saying goes, “The young man knows all the rules, but it’s the old man who know all the exceptions.” 


Work With An A Real Estate Agent in a C Market
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