Are Real Estate Agents Useless?

Are Real Estate Agents Useless?

Are Real Estate Agents Useless?

Real Estate agents can be helpful but sometimes they can be useless. You’re a smart person, and in this post you will discover reasons why you need an agent to help you buy or sell your home. Sometimes you’ll find an agent who has commission breath, and will say or do anything to get you to sign a binding agreement. They are the most self-serving profession on the planet! If you meet one of these type of agent, RUN as fast as you can away from them.

With the internet you can find homes for sale, find what homes sold for in your neighborhood or get the list for all the current open houses for the week-end. How hard could it be, doing what Realtors do?

Are the previous paragraphs true?  It depends on who you ask, but for the most part they are not true. Those paragraph describe the exception not the rule. And, there are 4 great reasons why you need a Realtor when buying or selling a home.

The 4 reasons

To start with, just because you have all the data about homes at your finger-tips doesn’t mean you understand it. For example, what does it mean if you see the months of inventory number going up? At what point do you need to heed to the trend or only keep an eye on it? Historically is last week’s figure worrisome while sitting at 4.2 for months of inventory?

This is only one example of data that needs interpretation you get from a seasoned and knowledgeable Realtor. Unless you have followed the month of inventory for at least the last six month you would not know that mid-March the trend bottomed out and has been on a steady upward trend since causing a good market for home buyers.

Points to consider

A home buyer knowing this would know that a full price offer might be too high of a bid to offer on their new home. A home buyer would be advised an offer under full price is the offer to accept as the market is shifting. You may have the data, however, know how it relates to the current market is important in understand. And don’t forget about the lender and how they can stop the process immediately.

Secondly, homeowners who want to sell their homes by themselves are aware of the need for smart marketing to sell their home. They want to save the commission, which can be a lot of money. Taking out a Craigslist Ad and making a MS Word document flyer is not the best way to sell a home in today real estate market.

Today’s home buyers want full disclosure about the home and see all the repairs completed and final permits by the local building department. Buyers want a move-in condition home. Their incomes are high and they don’t have time like the “Baby-Boomers”.

Boomers vs Today’s Home Buyers

Boomers wanted home where they could supply sweat-equity by making improvement themselves with their new home. This is another reason for the current rapid increase of home values, which is picture perfect today by including staging, updated kitchen and bathrooms, and customized amenities to meet the wants of today’s home buyer.

Unless you have the finger on the pulse of today’s home-buyer you will not bring a product (your home) to market that will sell for top dollar, in the shortest time, and with the least amount of issues and demands from buyers.

The sad part is, frustration sets in and then there is no one to act as the “go-between” between buyers and sellers and the deal dies a painful death without the meeting of the minds by all parties.

Don’t cry, be happy

Are Real Estate Agents Useless?
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My third point to hire a Realtor for your real estate transaction is the inside track most Realtors have with each other. Realtor will talk directly to a fellow agent because there isn’t any emotions on the table. It’s more a matter-of-fact conversation about what their clients want and need. It doesn’t mean they will have a meeting of the minds but they will communicate what each sides want in the transaction. If they decide, with the advice and help of their clients, that the price and terms are unacceptable to either party they can move on to another home. It’s the most efficient way to transfer ownership of real property for all the parties involved.

What do most people do?

Finally, believe it or not most real estate transactions happen because of a Realtor. The terms are far better for all parties and the legal mistakes happen less often. In today’s market we are seeing homes being sold for over $10M by Realtors. There is a reason for this. Even smart people understand the usefulness of a Realtor’s expertise.

Realtors know where the nooks and crannies are hidden. They know the customs and traditions of their respective markets, which vastly vary from one community to another. For example, a percolation test in Redwood City is usually not needed but if you are in Woodside, more times than not you better order one for a new buyer.

What is a FISBO?

FISBO (For Sale By Owner) is a term for those who are thinking of not using a Realtor during your buying or selling a home. The learning curve may surprise you and the amount of “stuff” you will need to do and pay for up front may even shock you. Realtors, like any profession have good ones and there are bad ones. Selecting a Realtor also takes time and effort. One simple hint is if you want to use a Realtor be sure to write all questions you may have and ask each agent you interview the same questions so you can compare apples to apples.

If you would like a list of questions to ask a Realtor you want to interview send me email to and ask my report, “The 12 Most Important Questions to Ask a Realtor” I will send it right out to you. Best of all it’s FREE and without obligation.


In conclusion, a Realtor is worth their weight in gold provided you hire the right one. Asking the right questions in the beginning is the best way I know to insure you have a successful and profitable real estate transaction.

It should go without say Cliff Keith and Team would love the opportunity to go to work for you with all your real estate needs. We’re always striving to become your Realtor for Life. Use information in the signature below to contact us TODAY! We will get the job done for you right the first time! And tweet this post below please. Thanks.

Are Real Estate Agents Useless?
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