Making an absolutely right decision to save money, get inspections

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When Selling A Home Here Is Why You Should Order A Home Inspection?

Making an absolutely right decision to save money, get inspections
Get A Home Inspection

  Selling A Home In Redwood City?  

Get A Home Inspection. Home inspections are an essential part for Redwood City real estate transactions for millions of buyers, sellers, and real estate agents, banks, mortgage brokers, etc. Whether you are shopping for a previously owned house or a brand new house, a home inspection provides insight for you about the home’s condition you are buying. If you are putting your house on the market, an inspection helps hasten the sale and can generate a higher price. And if you are a real estate agent, a professional home inspection report serves as an ideal marketing tool that also helps protect you against post-closing hassles. In essence, a home inspection is a visual examination of a house and property. When performed by a qualified professional, it includes: • A thorough visual inspection of the structure (inside and out, from foundation to roof). • An inspection in the house of all major systems. • An aim evaluation of the home’s condition of  by inspecting more than 400 items. • A printed report covering all findings and identifying potential concerns. Christopher Lopez is the Franchise Owner of AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service for San Francisco and the Greater Peninsula. AmeriSpec is North Americas Leading Home Inspection Services (a subsidiary of American Home Shield). Celebrating 25 Years of Service and over Two Million Quality Inspections Performed. For more information Call 650-369-8800 or on the web at or Don’t forget if you are selling a home in Redwood City you should get a home inspection before placing it on the market for sale.  Selling a home in redwood city? Getting a home inspection is your mantra. If you find this information informative and would like to receive Redwood City real estate updates on a regular basis you can fill in your email address over there on the right to receive a Free Newsletter. If you want notification about homes you are looking to buy you can click the “Register Today” orange button to the right and give the criteria of the home you would like to purchase.  I will arrange for your own personal organizer. It will generate results sent to you when a new home matching your criteria comes on to the market. You will have information within 4 hours of this information being placed in the Multiple Listing Service, (MLS), which is about as fast as I receive this information. Additionally, feel free to friend/like me on any of the social networks listed below.  If you’re old fashion, (and that is a good thing too!), or in a hurry please feel free to call or email from the numbers and address listed below.

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