How to figure the truth on spending your money for rent

How to figure the truth on spending your money for rent

How to figure the truth on spending your money for rent
Rent vs. Buy

You know I was looking at the cost of rentals in Redwood City the other day and discovered they are through the roof! If rents are so high would it be cheaper to just buy a home and save time and money? I thought I would figure this out on pager and see for myself.

What I found out may surprise you. You see owning a home have a number of items that must be paid every month, which a renter doesn’t have to pay. Of course, there are write offs that a homeowner has on their yearly income taxes that a rent doesn’t. But what is more cost effective Rent vs Buying?

Rent vs. Buying a Home

I have written in this blog post all the known expenses one can expect to pay as a homeowner including but not limited to; property taxes, fire insurance, principal on the home loan and then the interests on the home loan. I have compared these fixed costs against the fixed cost of a renter. My findings may surprise you because this a post about the truth not about a commission.

As a licensed real estate broker in the State of California I would love to see you purchase a home. However, if that is not in your best interest maybe you shouldn’t purchase a home but instead continue to rent your home and help your landlord pay his mortgage. It’s really quite simple it either “pencil out” or it doesn’t and together we can figure the truth for you.

If you would like to know if buying a home pencils out for you please read this post. There are exact numbers used that you can substitute with your own numbers and the exact costs you will have as both a renter and a homeowner. No stone has been left unturned. For a complete understanding of the facts on costs of owning a home please Read more here…

Should you buy a home?

If after reading this post you discover you want to rent your home or another there is an icon on the site for searching homes for rent in the MLS for Free. These rentals are sorted by city name at the bottom of the page. On the other hand if you are looking to purchase a home I would love to help you accomplish this. All you need to do is a three easy step process.

3-Easy Step Process

  1. Take out your cell phone.
  2. Look up my number. (Hint: 650-346-7366)
  3. Call me immediately.
How to figure the truth on spending your money for rent
Call Cliff Today 650-346-7366

When you call we will discuss what it takes to purchase a home in the rapid changing Silicon Valley real estate market. We’ll discuss with each other what we expect with the other. We may find out there is no way in the world you’d ever want my help. I get it. Not everyone clicks so I am not going to insult you, nor hurt your feelings as we can just say good-bye and get on with our own lives. No harm no foul. I am looking for people who I can know, like, and help as I expect they are looking for the same.

So if you have 5 minutes to spend find out exactly how to purchase a home and an agent with 40 plus experience pick up the phone now and call Cliff at 650-346-7366. Together we can figure the truth for you.

Thank you.


How to figure the truth on spending your money for rent
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