Water Damage on SF Bay Homes in Redwood City

Water Damage on SF Bay Homes in Redwood City

What is that nasty little enemy of every homeowner? The damage done will cost you thousand of dollars but it may also kill you if it is left uncorrected. Stop this home crusher by after the steps mentioned on this informative post about what is the most damaging aspect on your home. Read more here…

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Water Damage on SF Bay Homes in Redwood City

Posted on: July 2nd, 2014 | By Cliff Keith | |

Water Damage on SF Bay Homes in Redwood City

What is the most damaging thing to all SF Bay Homes, and in most cases is preventable? (There will be a test at the end to see if you were paying attention.) It’s plain and simply…water! Water creates more damage to a home and if left to its own can kill you.

Wet conditions from the excess of water is a perfect environment for mold, wet rot, and dry rot. Most of the time these conditions, with normal home maintenance, are preventable. For more information see my blog post on Roofs here.

For clarity, I am not talking about water damage covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy “sudden and accidental” clause. This damage is out of your control and covered under the sudden and accidental clause.

That leaking toilet will rot the floor under the tile causing your toilet to break away from its anchor bolts. As the very least it will cause mold/moss to grow on the underside of your sub-floor. In both cases this will be an expensive repair cost to have a plumber come in a fix it for you.

You work in the yard around your home and you shovel dirt up against the foundation thinking it’s okay. What you don’t realize is you have created an earth wood contact with your home. This provides for the perfect place for moisture to enter the sole plate of your home. Let’s see tearing off your siding, jacking up your house so the sole plate removed and replace and then putting it all back together is the formula for a high contractor’s invoice.

You splash water against the window that is in your shower when you shower every morning. You don’t think it is a problem because later that day the window appears dry…or it seems so. This is another perfect spot for your window to become wet rot and mushy to the touch. That’s right time to pay someone to replace your window.

What can probably be the worst scenario for water damage is lack of ventilation in the bathroom. What happen is mold forms because this is what mold loves and thrives on to survive. You can smell it. You can see it. According to Wikipedia…

” There are thousands of known species of molds, which have diverse life-styles including saprotrophsmesophilespsychrophiles and thermophiles and a very few opportunistic pathogens of humans.[6] They all must have moisture for growth and some live in aquatic environments”

As slight as it is your bathroom mold to harm you and your loved ones using diligent in keeping the air circulating in the bathroom and kitchen.

Here’s your test: what will damage your home in the sneakiest ways possible and could kill you? You’re right!

If you want someone to help you keep informed on what can hurt you in your home why not put a winner in your corner to look out for your best interest? SF Bay Homes will do that for you. Use any of the contact information provided on this site to contact us. We look forward to helping you in the near future. Thank you.



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