Homes For Rent: Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

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Homes For Rent: Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties for those who are working in Silicon Valley. For your complete FREE list homes to rent directly from the MLS click the blue link below.

These lovely homes are not found in any paper or magazine. Homeowners are having Realtors find tenants for them because they in the long run have a better and more qualified tenants. This because Realtors do the necessary back-ground checks on prospective tenant to insure monthly payment of rent.

Be smart use all the various resources available to you in your search to find a homes for rent here…


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Archived: Homes For Rent: Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

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Homes For Rent

Own Your Own Home
For Rent

On this page you will find at no costs or obligations, Homes for Rent: Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. This is a static page which mean you can come back daily and see any and all new homes listed for rent in the MLS.

Here’s the link to follow if you want to see what is available For Rent now: Click here.

As an added feature for you Cliff Keith and Team over here at SF Bay Homes have also arranged for you information on your phone. All you have to do is text: rent to 650-275-4704.


Besides being a rental site Cliff Keith and Team is also a full service site with information about buying a home or selling one. The menu bar has many good articles on how to get started if you want to read them.

You can also sign-up for your own personal organizer that will send you homes daily, which meets your own special requirements. If you fill in the criteria that matches your requirements we will set it up for you. Nothing asked is too small or too big for us to accommodate.

You may also do a quick search for homes on the MLS using the box to the right. All information we give you is without any run-around or demand for information. The short coming…your input information isn’t saved so you have to re-enter your criteria every time to come back to the site. Also, the search always defaults back to Redwood City for the City designation.

SF Bay Homes tries to support and easy-going demeanor with the people we help. We do not hard sale anyone. We know you know what you want and we are willing to go to work for you to get that for you if at all humanly possible. If what you want is not doable we still will not quit on you. We will tell you the truth as it applies to your needs, however, we will not give up on you.

All you need to do is click on the link above and you will have all the rentals available TODAY. All our contact information and social media icons are listed below for your convenience. Feel free to contact us if we can help you any further. We are in the business of real estate and that is how we put shoes on our children’s feet.

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