Do NOT Buy A House!

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If you have tried to buy a home for over 6 months there is something very important for you to know.  You are wasting your time, money, and energy at all the homes out there for sale.  Stop looking at buying your new home.

Not only is your behavior wasting your time, energy, and money, but you’re also dragging your mortgage broker and real estate agent along with you. They are the ones who will help you fix your poor credit scores.  They are the ones to hold your hand every step of the way to make sure you have protected interests.  They are the ones to guide, tell, and help you.  So don’t drag them along.

Taking advantage of your real estate agent and mortgage broker is not in your best interest.  They are members on your team with intentions of getting you into your American Dream, in the fastest time, for least amount of money, and with the fewest hurdles for you to jump over.  So don’t do it.

Buying your new home is a process and is not an event, such as the Super Bowel.  When looking for a new home it should not take anyone over 6 months to complete the home buying process.  A Realtor can help you with your home buying needs, however, the home buyer must take action too.  Together both of you can make it a reality.  So work as a teammate.

Albert Einstein said the true definition of insanity is…”doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.  It’s reasonable to find the house you will come to know as your home in less than 6 months.  If you see a house you like and it’s within your means to buy, then buy it.  Otherwise, go home and do something, which might be more productive.  So buy it.

Don't buy a home
Relax at Home Instead

Go home.  Stop wasting your time. Instead spent time with your family, spouse, or watch some football, NASCAR or a movie.  Do anything, but get out of the home buying process, as you are not a home buyer.    Your actions are frustrating people around you who can help you the most.  They will do it willingly too…your Realtor.  So fish or cut bait.

The time is ripe to buy a home NOW.  Interest rates are historically low.  Prices are down. In most markets inventories are high.  Sellers want to negotiate on their homes. It’s easy and a time for action by homebuyers.  So act.

Quit trying to out think the other guy, or the sellers. Find what you need and like and buy it.  If there isn’t anything out there that you need or like then you probably are not going to find it.  Be true to yourself; stop looking for a house.  So drop out.

If you are angry now with what you are reading, good.  My intention here is to create some dialog.  By such dialog hopefully you may gain some clarity that will be beneficial to you.  So grab the benefit.

There is a solution for you.  Revisit why you wanted to buy a home in the first place this may re-motivate or inspire yourself.  Doing so will give you clarity on why you wanted to buy a new home.  If that doesn’t work then plainly; “forget about it”.  You will never make your “American Dream” without concise methodical action on your part.  You cannot hit the target without first looking at it.  So open your eyes.

Get the key at the end of escrow period
This could be you

Now go out there and become a buyer!  Or stop looking and save yourself lots of time and money.

Either way your real estate professionals will love it.

Your comments and insights would be nice.

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