California’s First Library – Right Here In Redwood City

What I find very interesting is the fact California’s First Library – Right Here In Redwood City! With the “Star Scores” being such a major concern by people they forget intellect is not a score. The desire for knowledge is though. What could be a better quest for knowledge than a library? Redwood City had the first one. The cutting edge of knowledge. Read this post and know more about California’s First Library – Right Here In Redwood City.

Thursday Historical Information – California’s First Library – Right Here In Redwood City

First Library In California
Time Gazette First California Library California’s First Library – Right Here In Redwood City

The first library in California was probably established in Redwood City in 1865, on the second floor of the Times Gazette building (on Main Street) where the present day Alhambra building stands. Prior to laws like the Rogers Act of 1878 libraries were subscription based. Books could be borrowed from the librarian for about $ .10.  Most went to the reading rooms to enjoy the books offered by the subscription based library.

In 1905, after vacating the T.G. building (date unknown) a new Redwood City library opened up at the Carnegie building on the corner of Jefferson and Broadway. Six months later the earthquake nearly destroyed the building. A new grant from Me. Carnegie and others allowed the rebuilding and re-opening of the library again, the following year.

Present day budget concerns are forcing the closure of the Vollmayer Local History Room at the public library. The room could lose its’ staff and closed to the public beginning July 1st, 2010 unless substantial funds can be found to offset current costs. Any amount you may wish to give will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact: Vollmayer Archives Room 1004 Middlefield Road, Redwood City, CA 94063 or call 650-780-7030.

If you have not been to the Vollmayer Archives Room in the Main Library you are missing out on something spectacular! Most of it was all done with the help of volunteers like the late Jean Cloud and many volunteer hours from the members of the library board.  Redwood City is thankful and grateful these volunteers are willing to give of their knowledge, resources, time and money.  I know I am.

Please give anything you can.  The history of our community,  through research in the Vollmayer Archives Room let us know where we have been. Please give so  this comprehensive resource remains for all of us. Your help will benefit the results of California’s First Library – Right Here In Redwood City.

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