Top 10 Reasons Why I’m A Successful Burglar

Top 10 Reasons Why I’m A Successful Burglar

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Top 10 Reasons Why I’m A Successful Burglar

Homeowners tend to make the same mistake that allows their homes to be burglarized. Would you like to lessen the odds of you having your home broken into by thieves? Read what people in jail have said about how their successes as a thief were done.

1.)  Look around the home for a ladder. It’s easy to reach the second story of your home where the alarm may not be connected and enter your home undetected. Using a ladder you have leaning up against the house in the back makes for an easy entry.

2.)  Driving around the neighborhood and looking for empty boxes of high ticket items. Especially around the holidays the thief can tell if you have a new computer, flat screen TV or a new entertainment center just by looking at your trash. When thieves see these empty boxes they know what home to target and stake out your home watching for an opportunity to break in and steal your stuff.

3.)  Allowing your shrubs to grow over windows or hide from view entry spots into your home. “Skirt” your shrubs so anyone could see if anyone is behind them and make entry ways visible from the street so someone may be able to call the police if they see someone breaking into your home.

4.)  Lock all doors and windows. It’s funny but some burglars only have to turn the door knob or lift the window to get into your home. When leaving your home close and lock all doors and windows. Don’t forget the door from the garage to the house too.

5.)  Get rid of the mirror in the entry hallway. Coming up to the door when someone is not home is easily disguised by a criminal. Looking in the door or windows along the door allows a thief to see if the alarm system is on or not. If it’s off their job of breaking in to your home just became easy peasey.

6.)  Going on vacation and not hiring someone to watch your home is not a smart option. The few hundred bucks it may cost you could save you thousands in the long run. Be sure your lawn is mowed, papers are picked up off the driveway, and the mail and packages are brought in daily. It’s easy to forget to arrange for someone to do this, however, it is a tell-tale sign to a burglar no one is home, when they’re canvassing your neighborhood for the next target.

7.)  Storing your valuables like jewelry in an easy to carry container. Small safes, jewelry boxes, and coin boxes are not secured ways to store your valuables. Install a wall or floor safe for your valuables. They will be secured and protected from most thieves if you do.

8.)  Do NOT broadcast on your social network sites that you will be in Mexico for the weekend. Or that you are going to Vail, CO for spring break. You don’t know who is reading your posts no matter what your privacy settings are. It is not a good practice to tell the world of any your extended weekend plans on the internet. Wait until you get back and tell of the good times you had.

9.)  Turn off your geo-tracking apps, such as FourSquare and Glympse.If you don’t you will show up on another geo-tracking app called  Protect yourself. It’s seems cool to let everyone know you are in Vegas having a ball but someone may use that information to go over to your home and take what they want.

10.)               Selling a big-ticket item online and giving your address to a stranger. If you want to sell a big-ticket item like a computer meet the potential buyer in a public place like Starbucks. They even have free Wi-Fi so the buyer can take what you are selling for a test ride. If you have them come to your home you are inviting them to say no and then come back when you aren’t home and steal it.

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Top 10 Reasons Why I’m A Successful Burglar

If you follow this Top 10 Reasons Why I’m A Successful Burglar precautions to protect yourself you will make the opportunity to be burglarized far less than the next home. You will be able to have a great vacation or weekend away from home and be confident you will return to a warm home with everything in place just as you left it.

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