Top 10 Do’s Prior to Selling Your Home!

Top 10 Do’s Prior to Selling Your Home!

Plan for selling a home
10 Top Do’s Prior to Selling Your Home! It’s SOLD!

The season for placing ones home on the market for sale is upon us. Here is a plan for homeowners to use to maximize the value of their homes along with creating the fewest number of seller’s concessions when a home buyer presents an offer to purchase to them. Its information a home seller can take to the bank. I hope you enjoy the Top 10 Do’s Prior to Selling Your Home!

Top 10 Do’s Prior to Selling Your Home! When selling real estate, you want to make some important improvements that will not only increase your ability to get a top price and sell it quickly. You intentions to carry out what is best for you will make your home inviting to prospective home buyers.

Below are the top 10 inexpensive ways to fix-up and make your home inviting before placing it on the market for sale.  These top 10 inexpensive ways to improve your home will pay off 10 times over if done correctly.

Top 10 Do’s Prior to Selling Your Home!

1. Paint the façade of your home including your front door.

2. Trim the plants and plant seasonal flowers.

3. Paint the inside of your home with neutral colors

4. Don’t forget all the flooring, replace, repair, or buff out.

5. Make major repairs, roof, pest report, and property inspector’s recommendations

6. Buy a HPP (Home Protection Plan) that insure all major systems

7. Make energy-efficient improvements and possibly get a tax credit

8. Replace light fixtures with modern ones and low energy bulbs

9. Buy a new stove for the kitchen

10. Replace the bathrooms: fixtures, shower heads, toilet seat, towels, and hand cloths

It should go without saying the homeowner will do the most effect if they have done a thorough cleaning job. Be sure to get rid of all dust, dirt, cobwebs, mold and any smells from pungent cooking odors, pet smells, or mildew.  A home seller can do it themself or hire a maid service that will come in and do a “white tornado” in only a few hours. Buyers want to see the house as how it may look when they move in to it not be detracted by unnecessary stimuli.

There is nothing like a bright, fresh open air feeling to bring the buyers calling with an offer to purchase your home. Only warning is to do these before you allow a prospective buyer in your lovely home. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make your first impression count!

Once you have completed these top 10 must you will be in the driver’s seat. These top 10 must will generate a higher sales price for your lovely home.  A little time and money can return a far greater yield. Usually, there are fewer seller concessions on terms of the sale too. Selling a home is a process and it is not an event like the Super Bowl. That is why a homeowner is better served by following a step by step plan to make sure a profitable and successful close of escrow on their home.

If you would like to discuss this further with Cliff Keith and Team feel free to give us a call on our cell phone at 650-346-7366. and we will be more than happy to help you however we can.  For us to help you we want to know what is most important about selling your home to you. Give us a chance to work for you…you will be glad you did.

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