10 Easy Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home

10 Easy Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home

Fix-up your home
Increase value

Following is a list of 10 easy ways to increase the value of your home when you place it on the market for sale. These items are the most cost-effective method for generating a higher offer from prospective home buyers.

1. Paint the facade of your home including your front door.
2. Trim the plants and plant seasonal flowers.
3. Paint the inside of your home with neutral colors
4. Don’t forget all the flooring, replace, repair, or buff out.
5. Make major repairs, roof, pest report, property inspection recommendations
6. Buy a HPP (Home Protection Plan) so all your systems work properly for a year under a warranty
7. Make energy-efficient improvements and possibly get a tax credit
8. Replace light fixtures with modern ones and low energy bulbs
9. Buy a new stove for the kitchen
10. Replace the bathrooms: fixtures, shower heads, toilet seat, towels, and hand cloths

It should go without saying the homeowner should to a super through cleaning job and get rid of all dust, dirt, cobwebs, mold and any smells from pungent cooking odors, pet smells, or mildew.

There is nothing like a bright, fresh open air feeling to bring the buyers calling. Only warning is to do these before you allow a prospective buyer in your lovely home.

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If you use the above 10 Easy Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home you will not only get more money for your home but it will sell quicker too. Remember Cliff Keith and Team can get the job done quickly, with the fewest headaches, and in the fastest time.

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