How Do You Sell Your Home for A Higher Price?

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Sell Your Home for More Money

How Do You Sell Your Home for A Higher Price?

Homeowners lately have been asking me how do I sell property. They what to know the shortest time in the SF Bay area to sell property.  There are many possibilities. In selling any form of property. There are always two terms, which determines the time it takes to sell any property. Those two terms are Price and Terms.

What about the third factor; condition?

Price and Terms can be found in both the Listing Agreement and the Purchase Agreement. Both impact the time to sell property. Make sure you fully understand both aspect of your agreement to sell before you sign anything. Your agent should be able to explain another important factor in selling any property, and that is condition.

In today’s real estate market in the SF Bay Area home sales are brisk and usually sell for asking price or more. The current standard of practice by real estate brokers is to list the home and prepare it for the market through various inspections, trades people to fix any faulty condition issues with the home, and staging the home to show it in its finest light.

Show property from its best view-point.

At the same time marketing is arranged in the form of hiring a professional photographer who know how to make any property shine from every angle. Seaming together these photos can make a virtual tour to help home buyers see before hand what they are going to buy in a new home.  Also, writing great content for a color picture flyer adds to prospective home buyers a quick glimpse into the home you’re offering to sell. 

How Do You Sell Your Home for A Higher Price?

How long will this take?

All of these various aspect of marketing a home usually takes your Realtor 30-days to arrange with the many vendors involved. If the condition of the home requires extensive repair work such as dry rot or some form of infestation, then that time frame will be longer. Each community has a different number of days for a home to sell. On the San Francisco peninsula the average time for a home to sell is between 18-28 days. This is historically low for most real estate markets, but not for the SF Bay Area. The demand is high, and the supply is low. This will improve over time though as many communities are moving fast to provide more housing.

What about the escrow period?

Once any home sells there is an escrow period both buyers and sellers will want to ensure legally property transfer of title. Currently, the shortest escrow  is 7 days, which is an “all-cash” offer, and a purchase with a loan averages approximately 21-30 days. This is because there needs to be time for bank appraisers, title officers doing title searches, loan officers and underwriters working on the terms of the real estate loan, and the wiring of funds to complete the transaction. As I mentioned before the 7 day close happens because the buyer is an all cash buyer, meaning there is no time needed to facilitate the loan process.

I just want out!

How Do You Sell Your Home for A Higher Price?

7-10 days would be the standard time period to sell a home without any type of contingency.  The buyer will require clear title to the home, make sure you’re the actual vest owner. I will give you this example on how this came about. Remember in the old cowboy movies where they prospector always referred to someone as a claim jumper? Well there were claim jumpers who were the most notorious criminals of the day, that is beside a horse thief. This brought about the need for Title Insurance and Title Insurance Companies.  

The Title Insurance Companies insure a home buyer they are buying the home from the right person and given the title to the property without any “clouds” on the title. If it is found at a later date that that is not true then the Title companies are on the hook to pay the home buyers all the money they had lost in the transaction. The Shortest Time in SF Bay Area to Sell Property then for a normal transaction is 30-61 days.

What do I lose when selling without marketing?

If you are a seller who wants out of his home today under any conditions that time period can be shorten to 7 days or slightly longer if there’re any hiccups. The results to you will be; not receiving the highest price for your home, nor the most favorable terms, but you will have a short close of escrow. Still most “all-cash” offers come in around asking price, “as-is” (meaning as disclosed), and quick close of escrow.

How do I make sure it’s done correctly and legally?

These two scenario, “traditional sale and all-cash quick sale”, are what a SF Bay Homeowner can expect when selling their home. In both cases choosing the correct Realtor that you need in your corner is utmost importance. Cliff Keith and Team has been helping homeowner in the SF Bay Area since 1976. Cliff and his Team know how to help you sell your home no matter how you choose to do it. Our 41+ years of experience has taught us how best to help our clients achieve their real estate goals. We put our client’s real estate needs above our own. And, that is why we are still in business after 41+ years. Call or text us today to find out how we can help you too.

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How Do You Sell Your Home for A Higher Price?
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How Do You Sell Your Home for A Higher Price?

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