Pilgrims First Thanksgiving Was Celebrated In 1621

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Pilgrims First Thanksgiving Was Celebrated In 1621

The First Thanksgiving – A Story

The First Thanksgiving was a celebration between the Colonists and the Wampanoag Native Indians in 1621. The story of Thanksgiving is taught in every school across America. The first Thanksgiving challenged early Colonists survival in their new America.  Wampanoag Indians were a major reason the Pilgrims survived that first winter. Because of the help and knowledge from Chief Massasoit and his warriors, not all Pilgrims dies in 1621. Thanksgiving was formed from those early days in 1621 Plymouth. Thanksgiving is still an annual  celebration in America.

What happened?

Pilgrims First Thanksgiving Was Celebrated In 1621

Only 53 of the surviving Pilgrims survived from the over 200 who founding members of the first colony, Plymouth. The Pilgrims celebrated their old English customs. One of them was acknowledging their successful harvest.  It was not called “Thanksgiving”  just as we call it today. 

The Pilgrims first successful harvest the great Indian Chief, Massasoit along with 90 of his warriors attended and supported the successful harvest. The Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans, work together forming a new bond treating each other as equals and friends. Each provided food using their own hunting skills. Their first celebration that they had would be remembered as the “First Thanksgiving in Plymouth.”

Do remember William Bradford?

William Bradford was the Governor of Plymouth. The first colony in the new frontier was known as King George’s America. Chaos ran rapid and there was no rules or direction for the management of Plymouth. Because of this  need for every Colonist to be on the same page William Bradford provided a document known as the Mayflower Compact. Everyone loved their new Country and the religious freedom it brought them.

As Plymouth grew all of its colonists went about their lives as they saw fit. Some farmed, some continued their lives with skills they had learned in the old world. Unfortunately, there were some who believed doing nothing was acceptable. Come harvest time 1620 everyone started to realize there wasn’t enough food to survive the winter. The yield produced by those that farmed was low.  Survival did not look good and they lost 80% of the population.

American Indians to the rescue

Pilgrims First Thanksgiving Was Celebrated In 1621


Seeing the suffering of the Colonist, Indian Chief,  Massasoit brought 90 of his Braves to the Colonist’s Thanksgiving celebrate with food in hand.  Chief Massasoit taught the Colonists by placing organic fertiliser like a fish head their yield would improve. They showed them how to hunt and fish local animals. Collaboration between the American Indians  and the Colonists provided the opportunity for the success of Plymouth and the establishment of the  beginning of the United States of America.

The Free Enterprise System

William Bradford realized the method of governance used in Plymouth did not work for the best of all.  He proclaimed that in the future, if the citizens of Plymouth did not produce something to barter or trade with others in the future would not be helped by others. This was the start of Democracy  and what is known as the “Free Enterprise System”  in America today. 

What US President started the Thanksgiving tradition?

Pilgrims First Thanksgiving Was Celebrated In 1621

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln was the President who began the National tradition of what’s known as Thanksgiving. At a time in history, President Lincoln was looking for a way to ease the tension between the North and South. President Lincoln efforts to bring the North and the South together was not successful. A sad time in US history

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish you and your family-loved ones the best Thanksgiving ever this year. Being thankful only one day out the year doesn’t seem to be enough. Enjoy!

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