Is It Time To Cancel The 4th of July?

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Is It Time To Cancel The 4th of July?

Is It Time To Cancel The 4th of July?

Redwood City, CA: We all complain sometimes about the challenges and worries of our lives. We blame our government, our jobs, or our families for them. The main-stream press has us convinced that there is a 49% to 51% opinion on every subject in America.

If this is true don’t you think It’s Time To Cancel The 4th of July? The 4th of July is right around the corner. This is a day that symbolizes the opportunity for all people to be free and guaranteed various rights.

Is It Time To Cancel The 4th of July?Some of your guaranteed rights 

  • Free from oppression of tyrants.
  • The promise of the separation of church and state.
  • First Amendment right of free speak, even if our government doesn’t agree with us.
  • The right to bear arms.
  • The right to be tried and judged by a group of your peers in any civil, tort, or criminal charge.
  • All the right to habeas corpus.
  • The right to pick our governmental officials through a process of the secret vote. If we don’t like them then we can vote them out.

No other place on this plant earth affords their citizens these rights. Even the United Kingdom will only allows you to speak your mind once a week.  Usually on a “soap box in a public park.  We know what rights are allowed in other countries throughout the world. Their citizen are controlled in regards to human rights and freedom endeavors.

 Yes, you are lucky 

Is It Time To Cancel The 4th of July?On this day of celebration Americans are about to enjoy, I wanted to remind us how important and lucky we really are. We whine cry and complain about the day-to-day governance of this country. We dislike many of our leaders, however, Americans still we have it better than most of the world. Don’t take your freedoms lightly or for granted. We are a lucky Nation! You may wish to use another word. Just realize we are indeed lucky.

Who should we thank for this luck? There are many who over the years have insured your rights and freedom. Who I like to thank are the ones who do, which most will not. They are the American soldier. It doesn’t matter what the description of their job (MOS). They are all the ones who have allowed us to enjoy the freedoms we are guaranteed in our Constitution every single day.

Thank a solider

Don’t you think they need your thanks and good will? I do. Thank a soldier this 4th of July. They deserve it. To those who serve our country I say, thank you all.

Go out there today and be grateful and enjoy the reason you’re not at work today. ha

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Is It Time To Cancel The 4th of July?

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