How the Californian Sun Can Boost Your Home’s Value

How the Californian Sun Can Boost Your Home’s Value

How the Californian Sun Can Boost Your Home’s Value
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$18,324 is the average added value to a midsize Californian home, when a simple 3.1kW solar panel system is installed. By relying on the San Francisco sunlight, you can provide future residents with unlimited free energy. This will make their living costs cheaper and daily lives more convenient. Many house hunters want to reduce their carbon emissions, both for financial and environmental reasons. However, they don’t have the time or knowledge to install complicated systems themselves. Do this before you put your home up for sell…  help your property stand out against the competition.

Why is San Francisco Sun So Valuable?

Although California is not the hottest state, it is rare for temperatures to drop below the mid-60s at any time of the year. this means that there is no shortage of sunlight from which to extract energy. While States outside of California may struggle to receive enough sunlight in the winter months, San Francisco doesn’t have this problem. This makes it one of the best places to introduce renewable energy to your property.
There is also present a sense of urgency surrounding the current climate change in the San Francisco Bay area. So homeowners are searching of way to make their homes so they have lower carbon emissions. 40% of Americans live in high-population-density coastal areas, where any rise in sea level can cause shoreline erosion, flooding and depleted storm protection. San Francisco is one of the key areas where homeowners are looking for environmentally friendly property solutions. Something that is pleasing to the eyes and easy on the pocket-book.
Furthermore, San Francisco is considered one of the most liberal cities in America, where belief in and concern for climate change is one of the highest in the nation. People here are forward thinking and they want their home to reflect that belief. Installing solar panels is not easy nor is it inexpensive. But homeowners will do the hard work it takes to have solar installed to improve their daily lives. A side benefit is future home-buyers will begin to demand solar powered homes in the future, which equates to higher selling price for home-sellers. 

How Much Value Does Solar Add?

There is no doubt that you will gain financially by switching to solar, but the exact amount will vary depending on the size and nature of your home. However, it is estimated that for every $1 you save on energy bills, you are adding $20 in value to your home. Larger homes tend receive a higher cash value to boost to their property value when solar panels are installed, but smaller homes will usually experience a greater increase in value in terms of percentages.
In order to get the most out of your environmentally friendly home, invest in the highest quality equipment. This will be the most efficient, meaning you get the most energy at the lowest price. It will also last longer and require less maintenance, which keeps future costs to a minimum.
I’ve installed a 6.1 KW solar system in my 2600 square foot home with a pool. Last month my PG&E Electric bill was $14.95. I have figured it will take 5.1 years to recoup my investment of $20K at the current rate. I have one year under my belt so there’s only 4.1 year left before I start making money off my 25-year solar system. What do you think is that a good Return On Investment (ROI)?
No San Francisco home is complete without energy efficient considerations. Putting solar panels on the roof of your property lets viewers know that this is a home that is not only inexpensive to run. It is also a place which is doing its bit for climate change. In a progressive area where there are San Francis Bay Homes, it demonstrates I care about the environment. By using the Californian sun to shine value on your property I have accomplished pride of ownership, social conscientiousness, and proper management of my investments. You can too.

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