Home Sellers Think Curb Appealing When Selling

Curb Appeal First!
Home Sellers Think Curb Appealing When Selling

Knowing why home sellers think curb appealing when selling their homes continue to read. If you are thinking of selling your home in today’s market now is the time to start planning what to do and how to do it. If you do you will sell your home faster, for more money, and with the least amount of hurdles to jump over and through.

First Impressions are important! The old adage “you only get one chance to make a first impression” is always a top consideration when the desired outcome is a quick and successful sale. It what gets that buyers saying as they walk up to your door…”Yal, I can live here”. What do you think they would say about the house to the right?

Smart Home Sellers Think Curb Appealing When Selling to maximize their return on their home investment. With this in mind it stands to reason good curb appeal is a top priority.


Now is the time to prepare for the Spring buyers of your home. One easy and the most bang for your buck is to plant bulb now. Bulbs are beautiful, fun and loved by all who see them. Want to know how to plant and care for bulb plants? The answer can be found on an earlier blog post.

What about paint?

Another first impression hot button would be the front door. If possible replace it. This is not always practical and can be very costly. The alternative is to paint it. When you paint it choose a color that is fun and compliments the color of the house. Be sure to prepare the door by sanding, filling any cracks or holes, sand some more, and add a good primer to help seal and prepare the door’s surface for a good quality paint. If your front door knob or dead bolt should be polished  and operative. If they are in disrepair and can be fixed be sure to do so. It may be easier to simply install a new quality knob and lock. Make sure the finish you choose does not clash with your other components like the hinges.

Other helpful hints

Home Sellers Think Curb Appealing When Selling
Make sure your driveway is clear and in good condition

Clearing your driveway of extra cars is always a plus for good curb appeal. What would think if you walked up to a home you were thinking about buying and you saw this scene to the left? I would want to buy that house either. Finally, make sure the doorbell works properly. In some community building codes requires you to have a lighted house number, which is a good idea for help from emergency services like the fire department and ambulances. With just a little forethought this effective changes to your home will give it the chance it needs to compete with other like homes on the market at the same time. You will stand out and be looked at more favorable because it will have color from mature flowers and a front door that will pop and say, Welcome. 

What to do next?

There are other tips on this blog about real estate and how you can do other inexpensive things to upgrade your home that will show a positive impression to home buyers in your community like Redwood City and San Carlos. If you find this information informative and would like to receive Redwood City real estate updates on a regular basis you can fill in your email address over there on the right to receive a Free Newsletter.

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