Answers To 12 Questions For Your Real Estate Agent

Not all real estate agent are the same.

Answers To Last Week's 12 Questions For Your Real Estate Agent
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Answers to 12 questions you can ask any real estate agent before you sign anything  These 12 questions are intended to be asked prior to committing to work with any agent.  Below are my answers to the 12 questions. Now that you know my answer you can compare them to what other agents have told you.  This will give you a standard comparison to gauge any other agent to may speak with.  If you do ask the same questions of every agent you’ll begin to see if they are working in your best interest or not to save you time and money.

Here are my answers to 12 questions

  1. Yes I work as a full-time Realtor.  I have had my license since 1976.
  2. I now have 3 listings.
  3. Yes I have a full-time 4 person staff plus a part-time assistant, and a personal listing/escrow independent contractor both make sure no details in your transaction are not overlooked.  You may meet with them in addition to all the other staff members who make sure all of Cliff Keith and Team™ clients have a world-class experience.
  4. I talk to at least 1.15 buyers and sellers everyday 5.75 every week and 69 every quarter, and 276 every year.  Those important numbers are viewed daily through my ritual of filling out my “ABC” To Do List.
  5. I have experience in doing IRS Code-1031 tax deferred exchanges and average at least one a year.  Over the last 5 years I have done 6 of them.
  6. I will encourage other Realtors to sell your home through various means.  Here’s only a partial list follows: Monthly Newsletter, Networking, Today Sotheby’s Office Tour, SamCar and Silicon Valley Associations of Realtors Tours, Multiple Listing Service,,,,,
    Answers To 12 Questions For Your Real Estate Agent

    and other real estate web sites and social media sites.  I have started this year to advertise on TV with iFinity. Flyer/Feature Sheet of all the positive point of your home.  Sunday open house.  My past reputation with Realtors I have worked with.  Promote your home to all Realtors I see and during any meetings with Buyers and Realtors I attend i.e. Monday morning office meeting, board of Realtors breakfast,  along with several Master Mind Groups.

What are the numbers?

  1. I have sold 9 Properties in 2016.  The last 90 days I have close 2 of those 9 and the last 30 days I have closed escrow on 1 property.
  2. Yes I have a list of references and their phone numbers that you may call. You may read some on my blog at, along with other Social website like my business one at
  3. I see myself selling real estate for life.  I will share my vision with you if you want.
  4. To date for 2017 my referral business is 100.00% in 1998-99, 2002-10 it was 100%, 2000 it was 72.72% and 2001 it was 86.67%.  You will be part of the 2017 referral business if you decide to do business with Cliff Keith and Team.
  5. My guarantees include a Today Sotheby’s Services Guarantee, and I offer my personal guarantee to both buyers and sellers that I call my “Right to Fire” and “Sold in 60 Days or Else!”
  6. I will cancel your listing with no questions asked if it doesn’t sell in 60 days and you want to hire another Realtor.

In case you forgot the question or you discovered just the answer here’s the question to refresh your memories.

Answers To 12 Questions For Your Real Estate Agent
Call Cliff 650-346-7366

What do I do now?

If you like what you have read and want more information on how Cliff Keith and Team along with Today Sotheby’s Realty can help you please do this easy 3-Steps Process:

  1. Take out your cell phone
  2. Look up my number…hint 650-346-7366
  3.  Call me immediately

When you call we can discuss together what it is you are trying to do and see if I can help you, If I can’t I will tell you and perhaps direct you towards what you need, Our business model is one of leading with a helping hand. We will never be a bother and only contact you when we have something to tell you that will help you If this sounds like a Realtor you would like to work with pick up that cell phone now and call.


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Answers To Last Week's 12 Questions For Your Real Estate Agent
Answers To Last Week’s 12 Questions For Your Real Estate Agent


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