Cliff's Notes on real estate…Sept. 2016

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Real estate newsletter for September 2016 to make sure you understand the current market. Additionally, it contains information for your personal and family life. It will make you a better person because it improves your relationships with your loved ones and work associates. As a result, this allows you to be “in the know” about buying and selling a home.

Cliff's Notes on real estate... Sept. 2016
Sept. 2016 Cliff’s Notes on real estate…

What can you expect?

Dear Friend,

With the beginnings of Fall in the air, summer is finally over, and the children are back in school. It is time for many to start turning to our thoughts to work projects and buckling down to get things done before the holidays season.

September 2016 newsletter is focused on being “motivation” and to help us all get an inner boost of mental energy. Consequently, we’ll get things done and at a efficient pace.

Mixed in with the usual do-it-yourself articles and interesting tidbits of relevant information, you’ll find hints for moving forward. Excellent hints too about how to make yourself into a valued team member. Along with how to help yourself find a purpose in life, and finally, a story about making choices for tough decisions.

Some of the more real estate advice in this month’s newsletter includes:

• Cleaning dryer ducts.
• Distinguishing between flying ants and termites.
• The connection between gums and heart disease.
• Why we call it “Fall.

If you have been thinking about buying a new home before the holiday season, now is the time for you to take action. On the other hand, thinking about selling your home? Remember we are coming into the holiday season. The holiday season traditionally is where 40% of home sales drop off in the SF Bay Area.

I am always available for you to contact me either by text or cell phone, at 650-346-7366 for all your real estate questions.

If you prefer, and need to call me during off hours you can call my voicemail and leave a private message on my desk phone, 650-597-1821.

Keep in the front of your mind please I am your resource center on real estate. You can always count on me to be in your corner and I will not let you down.

Talk with you soon.

Your friend in the real estate business,


What should I do now?

If you wish to read the newsletter please click the link and Read more…

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