Cliff's Notes on real estate… June 2016

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June 2016


Dear Friend,

Here’s this month Cliff’s Notes on real estate… June 2016. With summer vacation time fast approaching, I hope you have wonderful plans to get away from it all for a while. And even if your plans are just to “wing it” and see what happens, I hope it’s perfect for you.

June 2016 Cliff's Notes on real estate...
June 2016 Cliff’s Notes on real estate…

In this June’s newsletter, I’ve put a wide assortment of content that will entertain and inform, including some interesting research into the role of fathers, as a reminder of the upcoming Father’s Day.

You’ll find tips for a better family vacation, and some fun stories to share with the family in the car, as well as information to share with someone who’s starting a new job this summer—such as teens who might be getting their first summer jobs! You may also want to look at my wife’s book found by going to for over 350 activities to do in the car too.

I’ve added a fun extra quiz this month, related to one of the articles about décor through the ages—see if you can guess what decade each style belongs to.

And if the warmer weather is making you think of selling or buying a home, give me a call 650-346-7366 to get started now. Please think of me as the resource center on real estate, which you can always count on to not let you down.

Talk with you soon. Read more…


Your friend in the real estate business,




Cliff Keith

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