Cliff's Notes on real estate… for May 2016

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Cliff’s Notes on real estate… for May 2016


Dear Friend,

Cliff's Notes on real estate... for May 2016

May flowers are in bloom, nature is bursting with energy, and change is in the air. Of course, you’re as busy as the bees, but when you finally have time to stop and read awhile, you’ll find this month’s newsletter filled with interesting articles.

In honor of the month of May, I’ve included an interesting history of Mother’s Day, describing a day that might not be what you thought it was. You’ll also find a list of household items that don’t normally get cleaned, which will help you get focused on your spring cleaning.

There’s a description of a new kind of scissors that can make ordinary cutting easier, and some inspiring ideas for building wealth, if you’re over 50. I also included the usual interesting tid-bits and funny stories to entertain you.

And if the warmer weather is making you think of selling or buying a home, give me a call 650-346-7366 to get started now. Please think of me as the resource center on real estate, which can always count on to not let you down.

Talk with you soon.

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Cliff's Notes on real estate... for May 2016
Cliff Keith

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Cliff Keith

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