Pay $845.04 Extra and Own Your Home!

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How much does it cost?
Renting vs Buying a home

Today’s Silicon Valley real estate market it is almost impossible to tell if you

should pay the high price and buy a home, or pay the high price and rent a home. Either way it is difficult for most. Here’s some costs that may help you know which way is best for you.

The purpose of this blog post is to give you the empirical data so you can make an intelligent decision.

Rent vs Buying a house
Pay $845.04 Extra and Own Your Home!

Renting a home on the other hand allows you the freedom to no worry about the “honey-do” lists that have a tendency to pop up again and again. You will have more time to go and visit friends, go to the beach, spend the week-end in Las Vegas, or crawl under the covers and watch movies and eat popcorn all week-end.

I am writing this blog post because a number of people are complaining about having to spend so much money for rent. And, they’re right. However, their counter-parts have the same problem. From their prospective they are paying too much to buy a home. And, they’re right too.

So why should one group have an advantage over the other? How is that fair? Read more…

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